GLaDOS, Chell, And Wheatley – Portal 2 Lego

GLaDOS, Chell, And Wheatley - Portal 2 Lego

Lego Dimensions had a bunch of surprise licenses. One of their best was the Portal video game set. It featured a Minifigure of Chell, a Turret, and a Companion Cube. But, that little set left many people hoping for more. Thats why it is great to see the Lego Ideas submission called “Portal 2 – GLaDOS vs Chell and Wheatley” make its way to the top. This Lego build features the computer GLaDOS which is currently in charge of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Things have gone a bit poorly so Chell and Wheatley are there to make things better (or worse). GLaDOS is fully detailed, and yet surprisingly movable. There is even a hidden cake if you can find it. A Companion Cube and Turret compliment the scene which you can see in the video below.

GLaDOS, Chell, And Wheatley - Portal 2 Lego

Check out this Lego Portal 2 Lego Ideas submission over here:

Also check out this short video showing off the submission below or here:

The Cake Is A Lie. Lego Dimensions Portal E3 Trailer.

Lego Dimensions Portal Trailer E3

The Cake may be a lie, but this newest trailer is not. During E3, a new Lego Dimensions Portal trailer was released featuring a whole bunch of GLaDOS, Chell, and even a little bit of Wheatley. The gameplay is looking good. With a lot of Portal Gun mechanics being shown off. It looks like other Dimensions characters will be able to play in the Portal levels, including Batman, Homer Simpson, and Gandalf. It is not clear if you can take things like the Portal Gun into the other non-Portal levels. Which, if possible, opens up a whole lot of complicated stuff. Check out the full trailer below, it is pretty entertaining…

Lego Dimensions Portal E3 Trailer:

Meet the Lego Elves, Step Through the Portal This Spring

Lego Elves Logo

Lego has a new theme arriving this spring called the Lego Elves. Some of the first sets have already been revealed, but the Lego marketing is just starting to take off. The official Lego site has a teaser page up, promising more details in March 2015. Meanwhile some short videos have started to appear around the internet. Featuring  some beautifully animated videos, it would not be a surprise if the Lego Elves had their own cartoon (like Ninjago or Legends of Chima). Interestingly, there is very little Lego in these first videos.

Lego Elves Characters

The Lego Elves look like they would fit right in with the Disney Fairies. Seeing as Lego has been creating Disney themed Friends sets, it would be interesting if the Fairies line had a release too. There are four main Elves (Aira, Naida, Azari, and Farran) with this release, and one main human (named Emily Jones).

Make sure to check out the Teaser Trailer, and Meet Azari below:

You can read more about Lego Elves here:

Lego CUUSOO 005 Review, NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Go!

It is official, NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity is ready to… launch… as the next Lego CUUSOO project. Coming as no surprise to anyone (they have already approved 3 other science based CUUSOO projects). Curiosity was one of three projects considered, the other two were a Star Wars Jawa Sandcrawler, and a Portal 2 theme. No word was said about the Sandcrawler, but there is a little bit said about Portal 2. I will not ruin the surprise (don’t get too excited), you will have to watch the whole video to learn more.

Other CUUSOO news, still no official word or update on the upcoming Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine. Doc. Brown is getting impatient.

Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2

Eldeeem's Portal 2: Atlas and P-Body

ATLAS and P-Body, also known as Blue and Orange, are everybody’s favorite playable robots from Portal 2. They were created by GLaDOS as a means to replace human subjects in the Cooperative Testing Initiative at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

Fun robot fact: ATLAS (the round one) is male, and P-Body (the tall one) is female.

Here they have been recreated in Lego. The overall shape and design match up pretty well when compared to the source material. A difficult achievement, considering how intricate and non-Lego like their design is. This MOC is a perfect example in how integrating rubber bands into your builds can help you build the impossible. Check out the rubber bands wrapping around their core, and delicate joints.

For comparison, make sure check out ATLAS and P-Body in the cooperative trailer from Portal 2. Now to spend an hour watching Portal 2 videos on YouTube…

ATLAS & P-Body were built by Eldeeem and can be seen over at Flickr: