Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2

Eldeeem's Portal 2: Atlas and P-Body

ATLAS and P-Body, also known as Blue and Orange, are everybody’s favorite playable robots from Portal 2. They were created by GLaDOS as a means to replace human subjects in the Cooperative Testing Initiative at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

Fun robot fact: ATLAS (the round one) is male, and P-Body (the tall one) is female.

Here they have been recreated in Lego. The overall shape and design match up pretty well when compared to the source material. A difficult achievement, considering how intricate and non-Lego like their design is. This MOC is a perfect example in how integrating rubber bands into your builds can help you build the impossible. Check out the rubber bands wrapping around their core, and delicate joints.

For comparison, make sure check out ATLAS and P-Body in the cooperative trailer from Portal 2. Now to spend an hour watching Portal 2 videos on YouTube…

ATLAS & P-Body were built by Eldeeem and can be seen over at Flickr:

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