The Lego Space Fan — Series 20 Vignette

The Lego Space Fan — Series 20 Vignette

The Space Fan is one of the many characters in Series 20 of the Collectible Minifigures. Her figure comes with a set of blueprints, a model rocket, and a wrench. More than enough accessories to ignite the imagination. This Lego build called “CMF Series 20 Vignette – Space Fan” is created by justin_m_winn. A great 8×8 stud vignette that shows off a corner of the Lego Space Fan’s laboratory and the roof top launch pad. This scene has a few small details that break out of the build. The ladder, the magnifying glass, and the collection of vials. This helps to suggest that the scene is bigger than what is being shown. A couple of other great details include the discarded pizza under the lab shelf, and the Lego ice cream being used for exhaust from the rocket.

There are more details about the “CMF Series 20 Vignette – Space Fan” over here:

New Horizons Photos Reveal Pluto Is Made Of Lego

Iain Heath's Lego New Horizons Pluto

The NASA space probe is New Horizons is currently taking photos and scientific readings of the little non-planet Pluto. The New Horizons Space Probe launched in 2006 with a mission to document Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. The probe will get the closest to Pluto as it can on July 14th 2015. Where it might be revealed that Pluto is made up of Lego, or maybe not. Iain Heath has created a New Horizons MOC as excitement peaks for this historical mission. This version of the space probe almost looks like an official Lego Ideas project. Im sure it would have a good chance at making it through the process too. Lego seems to have a soft spot for Space stuff.

Check out the New Horizons Encounter With Pluto Lego MOC over here:

Lego NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104) Reviewed with Designer Stephen Pakbaz

YCF LegoReviews: Curiosity Rover 21104

The new Lego CUUSOO set, NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover (21104), has recently been released and is extremely hard to find. Not only that, but reviews for the the Rover are also rare. Maybe it is because YCF Lego Reviews has pretty much posted the definitive video review. Not only do they have the set designer (and Curiosity engineer!), Stephen Pakbaz, assisting in the review, but this 18 minute video also features a Lego studio tour. The Lego Curiosity Rover is the smallest CUUSOO set yet. With 295 pieces and a price tag of $29.99. The little Rover features a unique 6 wheel rocker-bogie suspension, an articulated arm, and even a model nuclear power source. This thing is ready to explore Lego Mars.

YCF LegoReviews: Curiosity Rover 21104 Comparison

One of the most interesting aspects of this review is that they spend a great deal of time comparing the released Rover with the original proposed Rover. The most apparent change is the color of Mars (baseplate) and its rocks. Opting for a gray color because the dark orange is not in production. Good news is that there are many gray rocks on Mars, so it stays accurate. There are two other big changes. The articulated arm has been reinforced, to prevent accidental breaking. And, the suspension has been refined. Stephen Pakbaz compliments Lego with designing a more accurate and sturdy suspension in the released Rover.

YCF LegoReviews: Curiosity Rover 21104 Suspension

The video from YCF also features a pretty extensive tour of Stephen Pakbaz’s studio. Featuring other space themed models (Voyager, Juno…), Transformers, and even Samurai Jack’s villain: Aku. This is a great setup for a Lego room… wow.

Check out the Mars Curiosity Rover over on Amazon: Curiosity Rover (21104)

Lego CUUSOO 005 Review, NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Go!

It is official, NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity is ready to… launch… as the next Lego CUUSOO project. Coming as no surprise to anyone (they have already approved 3 other science based CUUSOO projects). Curiosity was one of three projects considered, the other two were a Star Wars Jawa Sandcrawler, and a Portal 2 theme. No word was said about the Sandcrawler, but there is a little bit said about Portal 2. I will not ruin the surprise (don’t get too excited), you will have to watch the whole video to learn more.

Other CUUSOO news, still no official word or update on the upcoming Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine. Doc. Brown is getting impatient.