New Horizons Photos Reveal Pluto Is Made Of Lego

Iain Heath's Lego New Horizons Pluto

The NASA space probe is New Horizons is currently taking photos and scientific readings of the little non-planet Pluto. The New Horizons Space Probe launched in 2006 with a mission to document Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. The probe will get the closest to Pluto as it can on July 14th 2015. Where it might be revealed that Pluto is made up of Lego, or maybe not. Iain Heath has created a New Horizons MOC as excitement peaks for this historical mission. This version of the space probe almost looks like an official Lego Ideas project. Im sure it would have a good chance at making it through the process too. Lego seems to have a soft spot for Space stuff.

Check out the New Horizons Encounter With Pluto Lego MOC over here: