Mining For Lego Fuel With EXT01 And Nick

Mining For Lego Fuel With EXT01 And Nick

Nothing is more valuable than fuel. How else can you power your power suit? And, that drone needs a some too. These two are looking for rare proto fuel out on the ice. Mining for Lego fuel is a very explosive and dangerous job. The duo “EXT01 & Nick” is the creation of Devid VII. Nick is all suited up in a Minifigure scale power armor. As usual these Lego builds are very delicate. If you get a closer look at the suit, you can see that there are ski attachments. The joystick design, and clips for feet are also great. Nick will use those joysticks to pilot his accompanying drone named EXT01. A larger unmanned robot, built to do the heavy lifting. These two have great color choices, making them pop out of the white background. They just look so happy to be risking their lives mining for Lego fuel.

Check out “EXT01 & Nick” over here:

The Cubo Scout Drone Exploring Deep Space

The Lego Cubo Scout Drone Exploring Deep Space
The Cubo Scout Drone Back
Lego Cubo Scout Drone Opened

This is the Lego Cubo Scout Drone, created by Milan Sekiz. This cute little drone is based on the 1980’s Blacktron theme. The black, yellow, and red colors are very striking. You can tell because of all the black, that this drone is up to some bad stuff. The design of this spaceship when folded up is a cube. With one corner featuring an ominous red window. A Lego light brick is placed inside to achieve the red light effect. The scout can unfold itself and open into a more traditional spaceship design. With two wings and engines. The whole this even comes with a stand, that holds the ship on its corner. It all fits together well, emphasizing the geometric design.

Check out the Cubo Scout Drone over here:

Cute Mini Vignettes For Lego Minifigures Series 19

Cute Mini Vignettes For Lego Minifigures Series 19

The Lego Minifigures Series are fun to collect. They always look great too, especially when displayed in a group. One of the best ways to show off your collection is to build little mini MOCs or vignettes. These Lego Minifigures Series 19 vignettes are super cute. Created by zaru_soba, they show off all the different figures and create a mini story. The personality of each minifig matches up perfectly with their scene. The video gamer battlestation, the bathtub wave surfer, the dog sitter, and the retro gardener are some favorites. What is great is that these type of MOCs take relatively few pieces to build.

Mini MOCs For Lego Minifigures Series 19

For some more details and such, check these Series 19 vignettes out over here:

Cute Vignettes For Lego Series 19 Minifigures