Get Ready To Blast Off With This Lego Tensegrity Sculpture

Get Ready To Blast Off With This Lego Tensegrity Sculpture

This Lego space fighter is landing, or maybe taking off in this Tensegrity Sculpture built by Lego Mfr. The optical illusion is a popular new trend in Lego MOCs, and there are some surprising creations. Some of the best are the ones that emphasize the space between the two parts. In this build, that would be the rocky outcropping and the hovering space fighter. Lego ropes and chains have been the favorite pieces to use for the key tension based structure. The ropes blend into the scenery better, while the chains work best when they are supposed to be seen. This build is one of the taller tensegrity creations out there. It uses a lot of SNOT techniques, and the end result would look great on its own. A quick question though, did the space ships engines start a fire, or is the ship hovering over an open lava pit?

You can find more information about this “Space Tensegrity” creation over here:

And, if you are looking for other creative Lego tensegrity sculptures you can find some on EveryDayBricks over here:

The LL-527 Falchion Starfighter

The LL-527 Falchion Starfighter, Lego MOC

This is the LL-526 Falchion Lego Starfighter, created by Mansur Soeleman. The starship comes with a short backstory. The prototype attack craft has implemented stolen Blacktron stealth tech. The unfinished style of this starfighter helps to make it look unique. The Lego MOC has an incredible amount of greebles, right up there with a Star Destroyer. The nose cannon works well and the connections with the Lego steering wheel look smooth. The cylinders are echoed throughout this design. From the nose to the engines. In the end the starfighter looks like the pilot is strapped into a giant jet engine, not sure if it is stealthy but it does look fast.

The LL-527 Falchion Starfighter Lego MOC Front View

More photos and details about the LL-526 Falchion can be found over here:

The Cubo Scout Drone Exploring Deep Space

The Lego Cubo Scout Drone Exploring Deep Space
The Cubo Scout Drone Back
Lego Cubo Scout Drone Opened

This is the Lego Cubo Scout Drone, created by Milan Sekiz. This cute little drone is based on the 1980’s Blacktron theme. The black, yellow, and red colors are very striking. You can tell because of all the black, that this drone is up to some bad stuff. The design of this spaceship when folded up is a cube. With one corner featuring an ominous red window. A Lego light brick is placed inside to achieve the red light effect. The scout can unfold itself and open into a more traditional spaceship design. With two wings and engines. The whole this even comes with a stand, that holds the ship on its corner. It all fits together well, emphasizing the geometric design.

Check out the Cubo Scout Drone over here:

The Paradisa Viper: Lego Friends Remix

DJQuest Paradisa Viper Lego Friends Remix

There has been a trend developing of creating Lego MOCs with Friends theming. This means usually sticking to a pink and purple color scheme, but some of the best (the Lovely Hotel) add other details. DJ Quest has created a Battlestar Galactica Viper, with the Friends theming, titled Paradisa Viper – Friends Remix. Here the color highlights and other details work extremely well. If you look carefully you can see a standard Lego Minifigure in the cockpit, I wonder if a Lego Friend figure could fit.

DJQuest Paradisa Viper Lego Friends Remix 2

Check out this Paradisa Viper Lego Friends Remix over on Flickr:

The Black Fly Lego Starfighter

NannanZhang's Lego MOC Black Fly

“When Chief Engineer Zhang was tasked with designing a compact starfighter, he came up with a fast and agile craft. However, the economy of the design did not allow for placement of weapons, so Zhang remodeled the engine core to contain a uranium detonator. He wasn’t going to be piloting one anyway.”

Some of the most creative work being done in the Lego AFOL community is with starfighters/spaceships. Nannan Zhang is responsible for this little starfighter, known as the Black Fly. Here the use of some obscure Lego pieces is combined with an excellent understanding of color and shape. Usually these type of Lego MOCs are criticized with being extremely delicate; falling apart with the slightest touch. It is extremely rare to find one that is as solid as an official Lego set. Make sure to check out the video below for a detailed look at the Black Fly and just how well made it is.

NannanZhang's Lego MOC Black Fly Above

The Black Fly, by Nannan Zhang, can be found over at Flickr:

Jud & Fancy May, An H-Wing Alphabet Starfighter

BrickJunky's Alphabet Fighter H-Wing Fancy May

The Star Wars style Alphabet Fighter (X-wing, Y-wing) and Lego are a perfect match. From Bricks to Bothans recently posted a call for entries in an Alphabet Fighter tournament. This contest is a head-to-head tournament to see which starfighters are the last ones standing. Here BrickJunky has created an H-Wing nicknamed “Fancy May” which is piloted by Jud and his astromech R9D9. The printed Gungan Sub bricks have been put to a good use. It also looks like there is some sort of Space Cat stowing away.

“Jud rebuilt this H-Wing from the pipes up and named her “Fancy May”. He retro fitted her with two high speed repulsor cannons on the front flanks, as well as a pivoting double barrel on her belly. In the rear his copilot astromech R9-D9 helps control the underbelly cannon, as well as keeping all systems running efficiently. The long wings raise and lower for take off and landing, while using the powerful under thrusters to maintain vertical lift.”

BrickJunky's Alphabet Fighter H-Wing Fancy May Side

“The H-Wing ‘Fancy May’ getting some work done to her by Jud. She might need constant upkeep, but she has never let him down in action! Her wings fold during landing, originally to get more fighters into a hanger bay. Now she is one of the only H-Wings of her kind left. “Good ol’ girl” Jud always says. Just like Fancy, R9-D9 has seen some modifications by Jud. After losing his astromech body in a gun battle, R9 was fitted with a more simpler style of coverings. The H-Wing has retractable landing gear and the double barrel repulser cannon on her underbelly.”

BrickJunky's Alphabet Fighter H-Wing Fancy May Minifig

Check out Jud and “Fancy May” over on Flickr:

FBTB's 2013 MOC Alphabet Fighters Tournament

The “FBTB 2013 Moc Madness Tournament Announcement: Alphabet Fighters!” has recently been closed. With all 64 entries filled. It looks like this H-Wing will be in good company.