Jud & Fancy May, An H-Wing Alphabet Starfighter

BrickJunky's Alphabet Fighter H-Wing Fancy May

The Star Wars style Alphabet Fighter (X-wing, Y-wing) and Lego are a perfect match. From Bricks to Bothans recently posted a call for entries in an Alphabet Fighter tournament. This contest is a head-to-head tournament to see which starfighters are the last ones standing. Here BrickJunky has created an H-Wing nicknamed “Fancy May” which is piloted by Jud and his astromech R9D9. The printed Gungan Sub bricks have been put to a good use. It also looks like there is some sort of Space Cat stowing away.

“Jud rebuilt this H-Wing from the pipes up and named her “Fancy May”. He retro fitted her with two high speed repulsor cannons on the front flanks, as well as a pivoting double barrel on her belly. In the rear his copilot astromech R9-D9 helps control the underbelly cannon, as well as keeping all systems running efficiently. The long wings raise and lower for take off and landing, while using the powerful under thrusters to maintain vertical lift.”

BrickJunky's Alphabet Fighter H-Wing Fancy May Side

“The H-Wing ‘Fancy May’ getting some work done to her by Jud. She might need constant upkeep, but she has never let him down in action! Her wings fold during landing, originally to get more fighters into a hanger bay. Now she is one of the only H-Wings of her kind left. “Good ol’ girl” Jud always says. Just like Fancy, R9-D9 has seen some modifications by Jud. After losing his astromech body in a gun battle, R9 was fitted with a more simpler style of coverings. The H-Wing has retractable landing gear and the double barrel repulser cannon on her underbelly.”

BrickJunky's Alphabet Fighter H-Wing Fancy May Minifig

Check out Jud and “Fancy May” over on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/66334317@N04/11039464953/

FBTB's 2013 MOC Alphabet Fighters Tournament

The “FBTB 2013 Moc Madness Tournament Announcement: Alphabet Fighters!” has recently been closed. With all 64 entries filled. It looks like this H-Wing will be in good company.

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