This Lego Deer Is The Light Of The Forest

This Lego Deer Is The Light Of The Forest

“Dreri, Light of the Forest” is a Lego MOC created by Cody Avery. Originally built for the Bio-Cup 2020, which the theme was Eastern Europe. The word Dreri means Deer in Albanian. Based on folklore where the cult of the sun is connected with deer, which is one of the sacred animals. This brick built animal is made up of a combination of Bionicle and Lego System parts. The deer has a lot of interesting things going on with it. The hooves are created with two claws which have been angled toward each other to get the final shape. You can also find a pair of wings being used as butt cheeks. And, the massive antlers use a bunch of white bananas and hot air balloon pieces. A hidden support structure is used to balance the figure, which allows more delicate building techniques in the feet and legs. In the background, a old knobby tree is holding on to life. Built with a bunch of Chewbacca figure parts. Cody Avery assures us that no Wookiees were hurt in the process.

You can find “Dreri, Light of the Forest” and more information over here:

This Lego Fabuland Village Has Everything!

This Lego Fabuland Village Has Everything - New Version

Lego had a theme back in 1970s and 1980s called Fabuland. A kids theme that features a village of cute animals. Well over 100 sets were released in those two decades. It was extremely popular in Europe, where they had their own TV show, puzzles, vinyl records, and all sorts of merchandising. There were two defining features of the theme, bright primary colors, and the Fabuland figures (bigger than a Minifigure, but not as big as a Duplo figure). Today, Fabuland is enjoying a long retirement. But, with the release of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch there is new interest in the theme.

This Lego Fabuland Village Has Everything - Old Version

This Lego Fabuland Village is called “Bring back Lego Fabuland” and is created by Lasse Vestergård and Anne Mette. The neat thing about this creation, is that it comes in two parts. They have created a village using modern Lego building techniques and colors, and they have built an exact clone but using techniques and colors used in the original Fabuland sets. A lot of work has gone into making both versions the best possible.

Bring Back Lego Fabuland Village - New

Both villages have the same features. It is like looking into another dimension where everything is the same but different. The main street has cars, motorcycles, and a double decker bus. The town has a large collection of houses, including a windmill and a gas station. Everything is positioned around a crystal clear blue river with a beautiful Paddle Boat (Paddle steamer). There is even an airplane flying over everyone.

Bring Back Lego Fabuland Village - Old

Reviving the Fabuland theme would certainly be a hit. The animal villagers all have a lot of personality and Lego made sure that a lot of them have a backstory. Each one is unique and has their own name. The elephants in particular are a favorite.

Lego Fabuland - New Boat Detail

You can see a lot more photos, and find a lot more details on this Lego Fabuland Village over here:

Lego Fabuland - Old Boat Detail

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Nick Wilde Created Out Of Lego

Nick Wilde Created Out Of Lego

This Lego bust of Nick Wilde is the creation of Vlad Lisin. Built as an entry into the Bio-Cup 2020, which challenged the designer to build something Canine themed. In Zootopia Nick is an extremely confidant con-artist who finds himself helping Judy Hopps. This Lego creation has the sly and confidant look down. An interesting detail is how the eyelids are actually Minifigure capes; it is unique and it works wells. A few of the other intersting parts in the creation include a handful of Bionicle parts scattered around, Lego Minifigure arms used in the muzzle / nose and cheeks, and the orange hoses used to give the ears some detail. Even with all the weird pieces this fox is looking good.

You can find this Nick Wilde Lego MOC over here:

A Baby Elephant — Lego Polybag Creation

A Baby Elephant — Lego Polybag Creation

This cute little Lego Elephant is created by Johan Hendrix. These tiny builds are always a lot of fun. It is all about the challenge of creating something recognizable with such few parts. The Baby Elephant is built for the Polybag Competition hosted by Brickset. The goal is to create something that could be sold as a Lego Polybag. Those small plastic bags sold near cash registers in stores. The Elephant comes in at just 29 pieces. The good news is that if you want to build your own, it won’t take much to find all the pieces. The expressive eyes gives a lot of personality to the Lego. And, the use of an elbow tube is an inspired choice for a trunk.

You can find more about this Lego Baby Elephant over here:

The Great Grey Owl Lego MOC

The Great Grey Owl Lego MOC

The Great Grey Owl is the largest type of owl on Earth. Their round face and bright yellow eyes are exactly what most people think of when they imagine an owl. It can be found across North America, Europe, and Asia. They love living in forests and along meadows and swamps. These grand birds have many names some of which include the bearded owl, cinereous owl, spectral owl, sooty owl, and the phantom of the north. This Lego version of a Great Grey Owl is created by Eero Okkonen. Built as an entry into the LUG Palikkatakomo animal contest, which was scheduled to be held at HupiCon (which was recently reconfigured for a home audience). This Lego MOC ended up taking home the 1st place prize, and the 2nd place audience prize. Which is absolutely deserves! This creation is instantly recognizable, it has the round face, yellow eyes, and giant wing span. The face is made up of a few giant Lego dishes, and outlined with Lego chain links. The end result is a bit cartoony, but that works in its favor. It kinda reminds me of the Kaepora Gaebora, an owl from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

You can find more information and see more detail about this Lego Owl over here:

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks, Lego MOC

This Panda has learned to adapt to his new urban lifestyle. Since moving to the big city he has picked up a new red bow tie. But, that is the least of this new tricks. Panda has learned how to order delivery from his new smartphone. It has never been easier to order bamboo to go. This Urban Panda Lego MOC is created by DOGOD Brick Design. The build has been entered into the recent Lego Ideas “Your build in the world-famous Lego house!” contest. This is a very well designed creation. Most importantly the bear has a great shape. Nothing looks too flat, or too fragile here. He just looks cute. Another great part of this design is how well the arms and legs are integrated into the body. Panda is hiding a huge secret. There is a hidden panel on his tummy that can be removed to reveal a message. Inside of this Lego Panda is small vignette showing Panda Bears living in a bamboo forest. The message is that even though life is nice in the big city, this bear will always miss his life in the forest.

This Urban Panda Knows Some Tricks, Lego MOC Secret

You can find more photos, details, and more information about this Urban Panda Lego MOC over here:

The Lego Friends Visit Animal Park!

The Lego Friends Visit Animal Park! Lego Zoo MOC, Dolphins

Animal Park is a huge Lego creation built by Anne Mette Vestergård and Lasse Vestergård. This Lego Friends styled Zoo is full of plants and animals. Originally created in 2015, Animal Park got an update in 2020. The new version features new animals and new plants that were released after 2015. Animal Park was recently on display at Lego World in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is one of those massive Lego models that is best seen in person.

The Lego Friends Visit Animal Park! Lego Zoo MOC, Bears

Just like many theme parks and zoos around the world, this park features a train circling its border. Once inside the Lego Friends can enjoys a water show by the entrance fountains. Afterwards they can grab a bite to eat in the food court. Pizza is always a good choice!

The Lego Friends Visit Animal Park! Lego Zoo MOC, Polar Bears

This Lego zoo has all the animals. The bears are enjoying some fish, while the polar bears and their cubs are also having a fish snack. The penguins and seals seem happy, but may be a bit jealous watching the bears eat.

Lego Friends Zoo MOC, Detail

The Friends might spot some elk, a pack of wolves, some hungry panda bears, a few giraffes, some turtles, a flock of flamingos, and even some deer. Basically, any and all of the Lego animals are here.

Lego Friends Zoo MOC, Food Court Pizza

There are even a few secrets to look out for. Olaf from Frozen is hiding around the park, as is Sweet Mayhem from the Lego Movie 2. Before you finish the day, make sure to visit the ferris wheel, and catch a ride on the train!

The Lego Friends Visit Animal Park! Lego Zoo MOC

You can find more photos, and details about this Lego Animal Park over here:

There is even a short video tour, although it is the original version of the park. You can find that below or over here:

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego Creation

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego Creation

The Leopard Cat is native to China and most of Asia. These cute little cats are wild, and are about the same size as a domesticated house cat. A lot of the cats have relocated to parks as their wild habitats are being encroached on. This Lego MOC of a Leopard Cat is created by DOGOD Brick Design. It features a fully posable tail. But, its most captivating feature is the fur. The brown, white, and black pattern is recreated here in detail. This type of random design is hard to make it look natural. It is very easy to mess up and create unintended patterns. You can see here that the problem has been avoided. A few fun details include the red nose, eyes, and the rounded haunches. There is even one really hidden detail. If you remove some of the bricks on the back, you will find text built out of Lego that says “石虎”, which means Leopard Cat.

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego MOC

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A Nurturing Mother Giraffe — Lego MOC

A Nurturing Mother Giraffe, And Calf — Lego MOC

A nurturing mother giraffe and her calf. She is reaching down for a kiss while her baby is reaching up. This scene is created by Joe Perez, and is titled “Nurture.” This beautiful Lego MOC has a whole bunch of interesting details and features. The SNOT style base gives a nice smooth contrast to the rough and bumpy studs on the giraffes. A few shrubs and plants help set the scene. Nothing too complicated so as not to steal the focus.

The mother giraffe and the baby giraffe are both really interesting Lego models. The baby is actually designed with the body at an angle, which give a lot of personality to it, but complicates the build. You can see from the back that one side of the body is about 1-3 studs tall, and the other side is 2-4. The tail is a Lego broom, and the eyes are 1×1 round hollow plates with a piece of white Lego pipe. The mother giraffe has some nice features too, the broom tail is still present but now it is much longer. The horns and the ears are also present just like on the baby, but now they are bigger and designed slightly different. The best detail just might be the 1×1 flat round plates used for kneecaps.

A Nurturing Mother Giraffe, And Calf — Lego MOC # 2

You can see more, and find out more about the Lego MOC “Nurture” over here:

Not A Lot Of Studs On This Stud – A Lego Horse MOC

Not A Lot Of Studs On This Stud - A Lego Horse MOC

“The Stud” is a Lego MOC created by Henjin_Quilones. The build is an entry into the Iron Forge where Minifigure Legs/Pants are used in unexpected ways. This Lego horse is also inspired by another contest, Style It Up, where the challenge is to build something with no exposed studs. The end result is a majestic Mustang rearing up over a rocky terrain. In the finished build there are a lot of creative Lego pieces and techniques used. Check out the Minifigure Legs as cactuses, the brown Lego frog around the eyes, and the big black flame pieces as part of the tail. The horse is an excellent example of SNOT techniques. The overall shape and design of this build is spot on, and the attention to detail really stand out.

Not A Lot Of Studs On This Stud - A Lego Horse MOC Detail

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