The Wild Leopard Cat Lego Creation

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego Creation

The Leopard Cat is native to China and most of Asia. These cute little cats are wild, and are about the same size as a domesticated house cat. A lot of the cats have relocated to parks as their wild habitats are being encroached on. This Lego MOC of a Leopard Cat is created by DOGOD Brick Design. It features a fully posable tail. But, its most captivating feature is the fur. The brown, white, and black pattern is recreated here in detail. This type of random design is hard to make it look natural. It is very easy to mess up and create unintended patterns. You can see here that the problem has been avoided. A few fun details include the red nose, eyes, and the rounded haunches. There is even one really hidden detail. If you remove some of the bricks on the back, you will find text built out of Lego that says “石虎”, which means Leopard Cat.

The Wild Leopard Cat Lego MOC

Check out more photos of this cute cat Lego MOC of the over here:

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