A Nurturing Mother Giraffe — Lego MOC

A Nurturing Mother Giraffe, And Calf — Lego MOC

A nurturing mother giraffe and her calf. She is reaching down for a kiss while her baby is reaching up. This scene is created by Joe Perez, and is titled “Nurture.” This beautiful Lego MOC has a whole bunch of interesting details and features. The SNOT style base gives a nice smooth contrast to the rough and bumpy studs on the giraffes. A few shrubs and plants help set the scene. Nothing too complicated so as not to steal the focus.

The mother giraffe and the baby giraffe are both really interesting Lego models. The baby is actually designed with the body at an angle, which give a lot of personality to it, but complicates the build. You can see from the back that one side of the body is about 1-3 studs tall, and the other side is 2-4. The tail is a Lego broom, and the eyes are 1×1 round hollow plates with a piece of white Lego pipe. The mother giraffe has some nice features too, the broom tail is still present but now it is much longer. The horns and the ears are also present just like on the baby, but now they are bigger and designed slightly different. The best detail just might be the 1×1 flat round plates used for kneecaps.

A Nurturing Mother Giraffe, And Calf — Lego MOC # 2

You can see more, and find out more about the Lego MOC “Nurture” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mortalswordsman/49858325667/