Lady And The Tramp In Lego

Lady And The Tramp In Lego

This Lady and the Tramp Lego scene is the creation of Lego7. Based on the famous Disney animated film from 1955. The iconic scene of Lady and the Tramp sharing a spaghetti and meatball dinner in the ally behind Tony’s Restaurant is by far the most memorable from the film. Even people who haven’t seen the film recognize this romantic date. The two dogs have been recreated in Lego extremely well. Both capturing their animated appearance in a surprisingly small scale. You can see some interesting part usage here, the hot air balloon pieces used for ears, the teal mechanical clips used for Lady’s collar, and some Lego rubber bands used for spaghetti.

You can find more about this Lego MOC over here:

Get Ready For A Lego Lobster Dinner!

Get Ready For A Lego Lobster Dinner!

This Lego Lobster Mix Platter is created by herbert lee. It features a huge steamed Lobster, a side of Mussels, and Tuna Tartare on Avocado Toast. The platter also has some garnish, lemon wedges, and ice. The whole scene is built on top of a platter. The platter itself uses a lot of rare silver Lego plates. But the main star of this build is the lobster. A creation like this has a lot more detail than you might notice at first glance. Each part of the body is segmented, the giant claws are built with ball joints, and the antanee / feelers can be adjusted. All of this means that the Lobster can be put in multiple poses. Super helpful if only it wasn’t being served for dinner.

Get Ready For A Lego Lobster Dinner! Detail

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A Lego Bento Box Ready For Lunch

Lego Bento Box

A Japanese Bento Box is a great lunch. A bunch of small dishes offering up a variety of flavors. Kind of like the American TV Dinner, except fresh (not frozen) and delicious. This Lego Bento Box is the work of nobu_tary. The whole build is centered around the new Lego Dots theme. At first glance the box looks like any old to go container, but it is actually the carrying/organization case from Dots. You can even spot some of the new dots pieces used inside. Check out the bracelet band in the center. Everything here is an official Lego product. One of the best details is the brown rock pieces being used for the shrimp tempura. It all looks so delicious… maybe I’ll go get some lunch.

Lego Japanese Bento Box Lunch

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A Full Lego Dinner, With Raspberry Cake

Full Lego Dinner

“Let me whet your appetite” is a lego MOC created by Pistash. This Lego dinner is an entry for the MOC WARS 2020 Contest with Team MOCFU. Specifically Category 8: “Couldn’t Eat Another Bite,” build a meal that’s half or more finished. Everything but the dinner table is made out of official lego pieces. Even the towel/napkin on the right comes from a lego set (I think the VW Van). Check out the piece of meat, plate, utensils, and even the wine glass. The plate is made out of over 100 curved slopes, and the side of brocolli is from an old 1970s lego set. Also take a good close look at the Raspberry cake, it looks delicious!

Lego Raspberry Cake

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Say “I do” With This New Lego Marriage Proposal / Valentines Day Set (41020)

Lego Valentines Day Marriage Proposal 40120

A new Lego set is coming just in time for Valentines Day. This new set is a couple of Minifigures having a romantic dinner. But before dinner is served a surprise marriage proposal takes place. This is an interesting set as it can serve two purposes. First, it is a pretty sweet Valentines Day set. Second, it is a romantic engagement set. A sort of companion to the Lego Wedding Set (853340). This little vignette comes with some fun Lego pieces too, the heart gem, pink cupcake piece, and even two fezzes. To top it all off there are two extremely happy Lego Minifigs.

Lego Valentines Day Marriage Proposal 40120 Detail
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Skywalker Family Fun / Lego Thanksgiving by DigiNik13

DigiNik13's Skywalker Family Fun Lego Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those times where the whole family comes together. It doesn’t matter if they are on the Light side or the Dark side. Or if they are part of a Rebel Alliance or a great Empire. It’s a time to set aside differences and get together, and eat way too much food. “Skywalker Family Fun – Dad is about to cut the turkey.” Is a great photo vignette from DigiNik13.

Check out the Skywalker Family Fun on Flickr:

Would you like some Lego with your cheeseburger & fries?

Cole Edmonson's Diner Fare, Lego Cheeseburger and Fries

A Lego cheeseburger has never looked more delicious. With a nice side of Lego fries and a chocolate shake, also made with Lego. There is even some Lego salt and pepper. Yum yum.

Cole Edmonson built this Diner Fare MOC. Nicknaming it “The Lowell Burger.” Check it out over on Flickr: