Treat Yourself To A Lego Sundae

Treat Yourself To A Lego Sundae

This Lego Sundae has got it all (of the good toppings!). Three scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, and some waffle/pastry sticks all made out of Lego. Whipped cream, cherries, peanuts, and everything else is optional. This Lego Sundae is the creation of Brixe63. It is served in a rather nice glass goblet, and served with a silver spoon. The glass is a great build, using some of the huge transparent pieces recently seen in the Ship In A Bottle set. An especially nice detail is the gold trim on the stem, created with four of the One Ring pieces from the Lord of the Rings sets. So, if you’re having a bad day, celebrating your report card, or just treating yourself make sure order a Sundae.

You can find this Lego Sundae and more over here:

A Full Lego Dinner, With Raspberry Cake

Full Lego Dinner

“Let me whet your appetite” is a lego MOC created by Pistash. This Lego dinner is an entry for the MOC WARS 2020 Contest with Team MOCFU. Specifically Category 8: “Couldn’t Eat Another Bite,” build a meal that’s half or more finished. Everything but the dinner table is made out of official lego pieces. Even the towel/napkin on the right comes from a lego set (I think the VW Van). Check out the piece of meat, plate, utensils, and even the wine glass. The plate is made out of over 100 curved slopes, and the side of brocolli is from an old 1970s lego set. Also take a good close look at the Raspberry cake, it looks delicious!

Lego Raspberry Cake

Check out this half eaten lego dinner over here: