This Is One Turkey That Won’t Need A Presidential Pardon.

TylerSky Lego Turkey

The Thanksgiving Holiday is almost here. Get ready to eat too much food, watch TV, make smalltalk with relatives, and then go to bed early. You can even celebrate the holiday by building your own Lego Turkey. This little Young Turkey was built by Tyler Sky. Who managed to capture all the defining traits of famous bird. The plumage and head are both extremely well done. And, is a whole lot better then the official Lego version (40033).

Check out this Lego “Young Turkey,” created by Tyler Sky, over on Flickr:

The colorfully playful offices of Lego Turkey

Lego Turkey Offices

Recently Lego Turkey revealed their new office space. Completed in 2014, these offices are located in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul. Lego has focused on creating a workspace that feels unique while accommodating 23 personnel. The space itself is only 350 m², which works out to be about 3,750 ft². The super colorful space is inspired by Lego products as a way to strengthen the brand identity. The entrance and ceiling make references to the popular Lego brick, while Minifigures have been used on walls and partitions. Photographs of the original Lego employees and manufacturing plant are also used for wall treatments.

Lego Istanbul

“In the office where a dynamic and modern design language has been adopted in general sense, it has been aimed to create venues which are integrated with the corporate identity, have high energy, and where comfort conditions are provided at a high level.” — OSO Architecture

Lego Turkey has been designed by OSO Architecture. Make sure to check out all the other photographs and information here:

Lego Turkey Office

Skywalker Family Fun / Lego Thanksgiving by DigiNik13

DigiNik13's Skywalker Family Fun Lego Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of those times where the whole family comes together. It doesn’t matter if they are on the Light side or the Dark side. Or if they are part of a Rebel Alliance or a great Empire. It’s a time to set aside differences and get together, and eat way too much food. “Skywalker Family Fun – Dad is about to cut the turkey.” Is a great photo vignette from DigiNik13.

Check out the Skywalker Family Fun on Flickr: