Get Ready For A Lego Lobster Dinner!

Get Ready For A Lego Lobster Dinner!

This Lego Lobster Mix Platter is created by herbert lee. It features a huge steamed Lobster, a side of Mussels, and Tuna Tartare on Avocado Toast. The platter also has some garnish, lemon wedges, and ice. The whole scene is built on top of a platter. The platter itself uses a lot of rare silver Lego plates. But the main star of this build is the lobster. A creation like this has a lot more detail than you might notice at first glance. Each part of the body is segmented, the giant claws are built with ball joints, and the antanee / feelers can be adjusted. All of this means that the Lobster can be put in multiple poses. Super helpful if only it wasn’t being served for dinner.

Get Ready For A Lego Lobster Dinner! Detail

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