The Iconic Brick Calendar Reviewed (40172)

Lego Brick Calendar 40172

Lego has a new Calendar available, and it is way different then their older one. Its release date is January 17th, and comes in at $19.99, £15.99, €19.99. With 278 brightly colored pieces this will stand out wherever you put it. Huw, over at Brickset, has written up a full review of this new set. They note that this is a sturdy build. With superfluous pieces being used to help align the square shapes. It is an interesting review, that notes that the Brick Calendar is probably only good in very particular cases.

Huw Lego Brick Calendar Review 02 Huw Lego Brick Calendar Review 01

Check out the full review over here:

The Lego Big Bang Theory (21302) Review At Brickset

Lego The Big Bang Theory Cover

It has finally happened, the new Lego Ideas #010 set The Big Bang Theory (21302) has been released. If you made it to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) this year, you were able to get your hands on the new set a few weeks early. As for the rest of the world, we will need to wait until August 1st. The whole thing is made up of 479 pieces and will be priced at $€59.99. This is not a cheap set, and the price per piece is high.

Brickset has posted one of the first reviews of this set (here). The review is full of high resolution photos, and walks you through the basic build process. It is also sprinkled with comments from Alice, who just happens to be a fan of The Big Bang Theory. Make sure to read the whole review!

“I think it’s a great set for TBBT fans that are not already LEGO fans because even I, who hasn’t played with LEGO for 10 years, wanted to build it just so I could recreate the set.…”

Lego The Big Bang Theory 21302 Female Minifigures Lego The Big Bang Theory 21302 Male Minifigures Lego The Big Bang Theory 21302 Set

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Lego Parisian Restaurant Modular Building (10243) Reviewed by Huw

Huw's Parisian Restaurant 10243 Review

Lego has been steadily releasing new Modular Buildings for the past few years. The recent, Palace Cinema (10232), and Town Hall (10224) have proven extremely popular. The newest set is the Parisian Restaurant (10243) which should be hitting shelves in the near future. Huw, from Brickset, has recently posted an early photo review of this highly anticipated set. The Parisian Restaurant comes with the now standard 3 step instructions. Which, should take anywhere from 5-9 hours to complete.

Huw's Parisian Restaurant 10243 Review Scooter

There are a whole lot of new and rare pieces included this time around. The most recognizable is the new Lego Scooter. This little red Vespa influenced scooter is extremely cute, and fits in perfectly with the Parisian Restaurant. Also included are a whole lot bricks in the new Olive Green Lego color. Since the whole building is based on this rare color, the Parisian Restaurant is probably the best source for these parts.

Huw's Parisian Restaurant 10243 Review Minifigures

Featuring five Minifigures, a chef, waiter, two restaurant patrons, and the female scooter pilot. As usual, these included Minifigs all feature the classic smiling Lego head. I like to think of the blonde man as a Lego Owen Wilson.

Huw's Parisian Restaurant 10243 Review Top View

Huw notes that the increased detail means that the Restaurant takes longer to build. All three floors are furnished, with the bottom floor featuring an impressive amount of details. From the fully tiled flooring, to the full kitchen, everything here looks great.

Huw's Parisian Restaurant 10243 Review Front

The Lego Parisian Restaurant is an excellent new entry in the Modular Building theme. The previous two seemed to be missing a certain spark for some fans, but this set has reignited their enthusiasum. The other good news is that there are no stickers this time around. Everything here is given the premium treatment from Lego.

“Modular buildings have come a long way since Cafe Corner, which was just an empty shell, haven’t they…”

Huw's Parisian Restaurant 10243 Review Back

Make sure to go read Huw’s full review, with many more photos and details over on Brickset:

Part 1:
Part 2:

More details (including video!) of the Parisian Restaurant can be found on LegoGenre here:

Lego Marina Bay Sands (21021) Architecture Set Revealed!

Lego Marina Bay Sands 21021 Architecture Set

The new Lego Architecture set, the United Nations Headquarters (21018), has just been released and with it comes details about whats next. According to a Lego survey, the Marina Bay Sands (21021) is coming soon. The Marina Bay Sands is a massive casino located in Singapore. It features an extremely unique design, with a full shopping mall and massive outdoor rooftop pool. It kind of looks like someone took a cruise ship and placed it on top of three skyscrapers. Hah.

Thanks to Brickset for revealing the early details.

Lego Minifigures Series 11 Reviewed by WhiteFang @ Eurobricks

WhiteFang's Lego Minifigures Series 11 Review Box

The new Lego Minifigures Series 11 is just starting to show up in stores. The packaging color will be a deep green, which matches the “holiday” theming of this series. At least three of the minifigs have a winter theme, including the Gingerbread Man, Yeti, and Holiday Elf. It looks like Series 11 is another great release. Although the distribution may cause the more desired minifigures in this set to be rare or uncommon.

WhiteFang's Lego Minifigures Series 11 Review

WhiteFang, over on Eurobricks, has written up the definitive review. Every few months another Minifig Series is released and WhiteFang is there with an extremely detailed writeup. These figures have proven to be some of the most interesting that Lego produces. The sheer amount of new parts and detailed printing separates these from the normal minifigures from the other Lego sets.

“To me, this series remain a huge importance in the LEGO history and affirming my belief that all of these minifigures in the past, present and future series will continue to be regarded as part of the ‘Golden Age’ for the LEGO CMFs theme.”

The bad news for Series 11 is that the distribution is not at all friendly for the collector. The rarest figures are the most desired, Scarecrow, Tiki Warrior, Grandma, Jazz Musician, Bavarian Lady, and Dinner Waitress. This means that if picking out these figures from an opened box, the chances of finding these are extremely low. There are only two complete sets per box. Lets hope you like the Rock Climber, Welder, Constable, or Yeti as these are probably the minifigures you will find.

WhiteFang's Lego Minifigures Series 11 Review Distribution


Read the whole review of the Lego Minifigures Series 11, written by WhiteFang, over on Eurobricks:

Lego Minifigures Series 11 Details

Lego Minifigures Series 11 Details from Brickset

The upcoming Lego Minifigures Series 11 has now been fully revealed. Herman Napierala sent the above image over to Brickset. It is from the little instruction sheet and collectors guide from a recently purchased Series 11 minifigure. It seems that the Leclerc supermarket in Poland is selling these a little bit early.

Series 11 will include: Barbarian, Scarecrow, Bavarian Lady, Evil Mech, Tiki Warrior, Gingerbread Man, Holiday Elf, Yeti, Mountain Climber, Welder, Scientist, Jazz Musician, Diner Waitress, Grandma, Constable, and a Lady Robot (Fembot).

A surprisingly strong selection this time around.

Check out Brickset for details:

Also check out a leaked image of the Evil Mech, Scientist, Yeti, Female Robot, and Welder here:

UCS X-Wing Starfighter Reviewed

Brickset’s Huw Review UCS X-Wing Starfighter Front

An early review of the upcoming Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (No. 10240) has a lot of nice things to say. This UCS X-Wing is the most detailed and well built version yet. A huge leap forward from the original UCS X-Wing (7191). Everything that was wrong with the original has been fixed, especially the delicate wings. The only downside is the slightly small R2D2.

This set is destined to become one of those fabled Lego sets. Right up there with the original, cafe corner, and green grocer, in terms of the resale market. A set like this will always be in demand.

Check out the super detailed review of 1040 UCS X-Wing Starfighter, by Huw, on Brickset.

Brickset’s Huw Review UCS X-Wing Starfighter Back