Save The Day With Lego Yoshi

Save The Day With Lego Yoshi

Yoshi! He is Mario’s trusted friend, traveling companion, babysitter, and sometimes even vehicle. First appearing in Super Mario World, where he wowed the world with his ground pound, flutter jump, egg throwing, and appetite. The green dino has made it into almost all of the Mario video games since his debut. This Lego Yoshi is the creation of Koen Zwanenburg. It has movable legs, arms, and jaws. The lime green lego is a perfect match for him which in the past Lego builds have had to use the darker green. This lego dinosaur even has sneakers, which helps him get around. If you look hard enough you might even find him in Mario 64.

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Just A Lego Chicken And TRex

Lego Chicken

This lego chicken is spectacular. The details on the feathers, legs, and head are all spot on. Note the use of Bionicle pieces used to build the chickens comb. Although the little chicken is the star, its distant relative the TRex is great too. This is the creation of timofey_tkachev, and is titled “What has become of us?!” It is a part of an MOC challenge called the Builder’s Battle to “”build an object or living creature from one era which landed in another one, totally different era.”

Lego Chicken and TRex

Check out “What has become of us?!” over here:

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center

LDiEgo's Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center

LDiEgo has created a new Lego Ideas project for a massive Jurassic Park Visitor Center. Lego is currently creating Jurassic Park World sets, but haven’t released anything from the previous 3 movies. It seems a project like this would be a perfect fit for Lego Ideas, which seems to have a soft spot for popular films. A few project have been proposed, but there has been no word on them from Lego (here).

LDiEgo's Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center Modular

This modular style Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center would be 2,623 pieces. Which is way more then any previous Lego Ideas release has contained. The whole complex features the Main Entrance Hall, “Les Gigantes” restaurant, a Kitchen, a Dinning Room, an Emergency Bunker, a Showcase Theater, a Control Room and a Genetics Lab. Also proposed are two dinosaur skeletons, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Sauropod. There would be one Raptor included, named “Clever Girl.” Plus six Minifigures: John Hammond, Tim Murphy, Lex Murphy, Donald Gennaro, Ray Arnold, and Robert Muldoon.

LDiEgo's Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center T-Rex LDiEgo's Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center Figures


Make sure to go vote for this Lego Jurassic Park Visitor Center here:

“Win and live. Lose and die. Rule of life.” — Prehistorica, Lego MOCs by Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Stonetooth Tribe

The balance in a hidden valley is brutally disturbed when a the peaceful Stonetooth tribe and and their herbivorous dinosaurs are confronted by the sudden arrival of the rival Ashclaw tribe and their carnivorous pet predators. Can the fierce Stonetooth warrior women protect their valley – and the precious dinosaur eggs within – against these vicious intruders? Or will the dangers of the outside world prove to great a challenge?

Growing up with Saturday morning cartoons like Dino-Riders and a vast interest in prehistoric lifeforms, I decided to create several sets featuring an alternate time when dinosaurs and humans lived together somewhat harmonically. As with my Space Exploration sets, I aimed these sets primarily at girls, although with a much more distinct action adventure feel to it.” — Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Hatchery Heist

Prehistorica is a great MOC theme created by Steven Woolfe. The concept of Dinos and Humans living together is a universal fantasy. These warrior women are ready go to battle to protect their tribe. This conflict between the Stonetooth and Ashclaw looks like the beginning of something larger.

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Ashclaw Raptor Raider

The use of the Lego dinosaur figures is infinitely more interesting then the official Dino theme. The structures built around the dinosaurs look completely natural. Giving these warriors a look that is both frightening and deadly.

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Stonetooth Triceratops Thunderbeast

Check out Steven Woolfe’s Lego MOCs (including Prehistorica) over on his Flickr page:

Bricksauria: Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Stegosaurus

senteosan's Bricksauria Trex vs Stegosaurus

The Bricksauria project is the work of senteosan. So far a Lego Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Lego Stegosaurus have been built. These are great brick built dinosaurs that look like they should be a part of a museum display (or Disneyland). Lego has usually gone the route of giant molds for their dinosaurs, but they lack the detail and building fun that Lego usually contains. These Bricksauria Lego dinosaurs are set in dynamic poses, and just look cool.

senteosan's Bricksauria Tyrannosaurus Rex

Two separate Lego CUUSOO projects have been created based on these two dinos. Check them out here and here. It would be great if Lego created a line of detailed models like these. Something akin to the Lego Architecture series would be perfect.

senteosan's Bricksauria Stegosaurus

The T. rex and Stegosaurus have been built digitally using Vray in 3ds Max, then composited in Fusion (with a touch of Photoshop). Probably built this way because a lot of the pieces are rare, and/or not available in the desired colors. The final renders are extremely clean.

Check out these two render videos:

Check out CUUSOO for more info here: and here