The Deadly Dragon Knight Is Ready To Duel

The Deadly Dragon Knight - Lego MOC

This is the Lego MOC called “The Fearsome Dragon Knight” which is created by Thomas Jenkins. It is another entry into the latest Iron Builders challenge (there sure are a lot of these!) which is where you try to implement Minifigure legs in unique ways. Here you can see a whole bunch of them if you look carefully. The shield is ringed in legs, the chest armor is made up of legs, the tan underside of the Knight is made of legs as are its nose, ears, and toes! There are probably a lot more hidden too. Some other fun stuff included the giant sword topped off with one of the new Nexo knights shields, and the yellow lever base pieces being used for reptile eyes. This Dragon Knight looks deadly, and would make a formable boss for a group of adventurers.

You can find out more about this “The Fearsome Dragon Knight” Lego MOC over here:

“Win and live. Lose and die. Rule of life.” — Prehistorica, Lego MOCs by Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Stonetooth Tribe

The balance in a hidden valley is brutally disturbed when a the peaceful Stonetooth tribe and and their herbivorous dinosaurs are confronted by the sudden arrival of the rival Ashclaw tribe and their carnivorous pet predators. Can the fierce Stonetooth warrior women protect their valley – and the precious dinosaur eggs within – against these vicious intruders? Or will the dangers of the outside world prove to great a challenge?

Growing up with Saturday morning cartoons like Dino-Riders and a vast interest in prehistoric lifeforms, I decided to create several sets featuring an alternate time when dinosaurs and humans lived together somewhat harmonically. As with my Space Exploration sets, I aimed these sets primarily at girls, although with a much more distinct action adventure feel to it.” — Steven Woolfe

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Hatchery Heist

Prehistorica is a great MOC theme created by Steven Woolfe. The concept of Dinos and Humans living together is a universal fantasy. These warrior women are ready go to battle to protect their tribe. This conflict between the Stonetooth and Ashclaw looks like the beginning of something larger.

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Ashclaw Raptor Raider

The use of the Lego dinosaur figures is infinitely more interesting then the official Dino theme. The structures built around the dinosaurs look completely natural. Giving these warriors a look that is both frightening and deadly.

Steven Woolfe's Lego Prehistorica: Stonetooth Triceratops Thunderbeast

Check out Steven Woolfe’s Lego MOCs (including Prehistorica) over on his Flickr page:

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Gamescom Trailer

Another video game convention, another Lego Marvel Super Heroes Trailer. This new trailer was released at Gamescom and shows off a whole lot of gameplay. It is looking like Lego Marvel Super Heroes is going to feature almost every Marvel super hero and super villain, from the famous to the obscure. It is worth noting that Galactus, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Squirrel Girl, MODOK and more are present.

Lego and TT Games have released a few other Lego Marvel Super Heroes videos. The funny “Big Figure Trailer”, the full “E3 Trailer”, and the original “Teaser Trailer”

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“Big Figure Trailer” Released for Lego Marvel Super Heroes Video Game

A new trailer is out for the Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game. Titled the “Big Figure Trailer” it certainly lives up to its name. Featuring all of the oversized Lego Marvel characters, such as: The Hulk, Kingpin, Juggernaut, the Blob, Colossus, Lizard, Rhino and the Thing. Not only that but some of the noraml Lego minifigures are also shown, such as: Jean Gray, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Captain America, Invisible Woman, Magneto, Dr. Doom, Tony Stark, and Iron Man in his Hulkbuster Armor. Thats right. Hulkbuster Armor.

The Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game will be released in October to pretty much every platform available.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is currently available for pre-order on

Make sure to check out the E3 trailer, it is very amusing: