Bricksauria: Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Stegosaurus

senteosan's Bricksauria Trex vs Stegosaurus

The Bricksauria project is the work of senteosan. So far a Lego Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Lego Stegosaurus have been built. These are great brick built dinosaurs that look like they should be a part of a museum display (or Disneyland). Lego has usually gone the route of giant molds for their dinosaurs, but they lack the detail and building fun that Lego usually contains. These Bricksauria Lego dinosaurs are set in dynamic poses, and just look cool.

senteosan's Bricksauria Tyrannosaurus Rex

Two separate Lego CUUSOO projects have been created based on these two dinos. Check them out here and here. It would be great if Lego created a line of detailed models like these. Something akin to the Lego Architecture series would be perfect.

senteosan's Bricksauria Stegosaurus

The T. rex and Stegosaurus have been built digitally using Vray in 3ds Max, then composited in Fusion (with a touch of Photoshop). Probably built this way because a lot of the pieces are rare, and/or not available in the desired colors. The final renders are extremely clean.

Check out these two render videos:

Check out CUUSOO for more info here: and here

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