Tahu Uniter, A Bionicle Build

Tahu Uniter, A Lego Bionicle Build

Lego Bionicle is a completely separate theme from Lego, with its own lore and specialized pieces. These type of models live on today in the recent Star Wars figures theme. This Lego MOC called “Tahu Uniter,” and created by Patrick Biggs is a reimagining of two popular Bionicle characters. Combining the 2016 versions of Tahu and Ikir, the two fire characters who worked together. This version is much more detailed than the official one. This build has a very striking red, gold, and blue color theme. The wings in particular look amazing. The use of 2×2 flat round gold plates overlapping created a great effect. Looking like scales and like armor at the same time. The circles are carried over onto the chest armor which creates a nice flow to the design.

Tahu Uniter, A Lego Bionicle Build Detail

You can find more information and photos of the “Tahu Uniter” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ahava516/49874637253/

Leave The Lights On When Hercules Is Around

Leave The Lights On When Hercules Is Around, Lego MOC

Lego Monsters can be surprisingly horrifying. This Lego “Hercules” is a monstrous creation built by Buffoon. They used the scarab insect as inspiration. Which shows in the exoskeleton style design. A lot of these terrifying beasts use a lot of the Lego Bionicle pieces. I can honestly say that this build uses some pieces that are not entirely familiar. The skull head plates work well for the knee caps, but the other bright translucent blue pieces are really interesting. The plastic wings were used in a recent Ant Man release. Then there are a lot of horns, hooks, and hoses that connect everything together. A time tested way to make almost anything scary. The use of the transparent green/yellow is a great contrast to the blue and black. Maybe someone just needs to give it chance. Maybe Hercules just need a friend. Just make sure to leave the lights on.

Leave The Lights On When Hercules Is Around, Lego MOC Detail

Check out this Lego “Hercules” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/112183096@N07/49730255448/

The Lego Knights Mech, レゴ 軽装型鉄機兵

The Lego Knights Mech, 軽装型鉄機兵 Spear

This is the Lego Knights Mech, or レゴ 軽装型鉄機兵, and is the creation of Moko. The Knight is another great addition to the vast Lego Mech/Robots MOC theme. This mech is a collection of normal Lego pieces and Bionicle. One surprising detail of this build is that the shoulders are upside down Bionicle skulls. Some of those new shield pieces are used in the waist area. This mecha comes equipped with a spear, sword, and shield. Making it ready for any fight. The shield is a giant saw blade, but the sword has a really interesting detail: the guard is an upside down horse armor piece. Even with all the detail, the Knights Mech is still very posable, making it a very dynamic MOC.

The Lego Knights Mech, 軽装型鉄機兵

Check out the Lego Knights Mech, 軽装型鉄機兵, over here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/legolego05/archives/53161715.html

The Lego Knights Mech, 軽装型鉄機兵 Shield

This Lego Skeksis Is A Lord Of The Crystal of Truth

This Lego Skeksis Is A Lord Of The Crystal of Truth

The Skeksis are the main villains from the movie The Dark Crystal. They need the Crystal of Truth to retain their immortality. This Lego Skeksis is an immortal MOC created by Hongjun Youn. The model is a great representation of the puppets from the film. They recreate the bird-ish look perfectly. Using only official Lego pieces and no custom bricks. The use of Bionical pieces are a great fit. As is the use of the cloth and linen pieces to help fill out the body. It is really easy to underestimate the volume of this Skeksis, the bad/curved posture makes this thing a lot wider then expected. One really great detail is the staff. Check it out below!

This Skeksis Lego Staff
Lego Dark Crystal Skeksis
This Lego Skeksis Back

You can find more of this Lego Skesis MOC over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/150312405@N07/48846942948/

The Monster Hand – A Lego Glove

takoCHIM Lego Glove Hand

This is a new Lego Monster Hand. Created by takoCHIM. It looks like it uses a whole lot of Bionicle pieces, some Star Wars (the Kylo Ren chestpiece), and Batman (the giant batwings). A lot of these pieces are very difficult to use because of their odd and large shape. When they do pop up in an MOC, it is almost in the most surprising way. It looks like the next goal is to create the Kamen Rider OOo Ankh hand. A challenge I am sure will be met.

takoCHIM Lego Hand Glove

Check out some other variants of the Lego Monster Hand here: https://twitter.com/takoCHIM/status/819153985063952385

Lego Exclusives At San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) & Twitter Giveaway

Lego Exclusive SDCC 2015 Action Comics Superman

Lego is once again offering a whole lot of exclusives at this years San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). There are at least 6 exclusives this time around. Last year you needed to stand in super long lines in order to purchase these, and most people who waited found out they were sold out. This year they are trying something a little bit different. Lego has set up a drawing/raffle system that winners will get to make their purchase at their leisure. Hopefully this system is an improvement. As usual, these are exclusive Lego sets so they will not be sold anywhere else. These have already started popping up on eBay at extremely high prices (here).

This year there will 3 sets, 2 minifigures, and 1 Bionicle exclusive. The 3 sets include DC Comics Super Heroes Action Comics #1 Superman, Marvel Super Heroes Throne of Ultron, and Lego Star Wars Dagobah Mini-build.

Lego Exclusive SDCC 2015 The Avengers Thone Of Ultron Lego SDCC 2015 Star Wars Dagobah Mini Build

There are also 2 exclusive Minifigures this year. A Marvel Super Heroes All New Captain America (Sam Wilson), and DC Comics Super Heroes Arsenal.

Lego San Diego Comic Con Captain America and Arsenal

Finally, there will be a transparent green Bionicle Mask exclusive too.

Lego San Diego Comic Con Bionicle Mask

Lego has also set up a big giveaway. There will be a total of 46 exclusives given away over the weekend (July 9th 2015 — July 12th). In order to enter into the contest, you will need use Twitter to retweet a specific tweet each day. Rules and stuff can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/LEGO?sk=app_1107464609280941

Tarakia – Master of Mind. A Lego Tao Hukia.

Nick V's Lego Tarakia Master Of Mind

“Tarakia is usually described unfavourably as reckless, hyperactive or short-tempered. She always seems to be the first to jump into combat, never waiting to listen for direction or a plan. However this couldn’t be further from the truth; utilizing her psychic communication powers, the Toa Hukia are constantly linked together and able to work perfectly as a team. Tarakia is also the group’s weapons expert and interrogator. Owing to her fearsome reputation, few enemies can hide secrets from her.” — Nick V.

Robots and Lego are a natural fit. The once successful Bionicle is getting ready to make a come back. In a lot of ways Bionicle is just a starting point for your own creations. With the right pieces and an active imagination one can create something awesome. This Lego robot is the creation of Nick V. It is titled Tarakia – Master of Mind and it is an example of what can be created with Lego. If Lego could release something like this as an official set, it would sell like crazy. But, this type of work is usually super delicate and will not hold up to play. Nick V. had been creating a whole series of these robots, and each one is super detailed and has a full backstory documented.

Nick V's Lego Tarakia Master Of Mind Details

Check out the Lego MOC by Nick V, titled Tarakia, Master of Mind; over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brickthing/15477072577/

E-Mote: Lego Robots with Personality

Legohaulic's EMOTE Lego Robots: Butterflies

E-MOTE: Butterflies

Lego robots have made a lot of progress in the last few years. With the increased variety of Technic / Bionicle / Hero Factory parts, and people getting more comfortable with mixing them in with standard Lego bricks the options for Lego robot builders have blossomed. Flickr user, Legohaulic, has recently created a very charming series called E-MOTE. A series of scenes between two extremely expressive robots.

Legohaulic's EMOTE Robots: Bashful

E-MOTE: Bashful

With detailed hands, some eyes, eyebrows, and posable limbs, these little Lego Robots can emote almost anything. One of the great tiny details is the use of a transparent brick to represent the heart on each of these bots. These robots are extremely minimal in design, making it easy to study the techniques and assembly. These two Lego bots have set a new standard in expression, humor and personality.

Legohaulic's EMOTE Lego Robots: Bot-y Building

E-MOTE: Bot-y Building

Check out the whole series of E-MOTE (over 15 photos!) over at Legohaulic’s Flickr page:

Shinjen the Samurai

[Rhymes_Shelter]'s Shinjen The Samurai[Rhymes_Shelter]'s Shinjen The Samurai Left

Shinjen the Samurai is a wonderful Lego figure. Packed full of little details with amazing Lego building skills. Using a combination of Lego bricks, Bionicle and Hero Factory almost seamlessly. The design for Shinjin is based from the idea of a hybrid of the Chinese lion statue and the samurai. The green eyes, built with the Lego lime dome really help to sell this little guy. Using the balljoints for the hair/lion mane is another great unique use. And, the shingled armor around the waist is actually built with a piece I have never seen, but it looks good.

Check out Shinjen the Samurai, built by [Rhymes_Shelter], on Flickr: