Tarakia – Master of Mind. A Lego Tao Hukia.

Nick V's Lego Tarakia Master Of Mind

“Tarakia is usually described unfavourably as reckless, hyperactive or short-tempered. She always seems to be the first to jump into combat, never waiting to listen for direction or a plan. However this couldn’t be further from the truth; utilizing her psychic communication powers, the Toa Hukia are constantly linked together and able to work perfectly as a team. Tarakia is also the group’s weapons expert and interrogator. Owing to her fearsome reputation, few enemies can hide secrets from her.” — Nick V.

Robots and Lego are a natural fit. The once successful Bionicle is getting ready to make a come back. In a lot of ways Bionicle is just a starting point for your own creations. With the right pieces and an active imagination one can create something awesome. This Lego robot is the creation of Nick V. It is titled Tarakia – Master of Mind and it is an example of what can be created with Lego. If Lego could release something like this as an official set, it would sell like crazy. But, this type of work is usually super delicate and will not hold up to play. Nick V. had been creating a whole series of these robots, and each one is super detailed and has a full backstory documented.

Nick V's Lego Tarakia Master Of Mind Details

Check out the Lego MOC by Nick V, titled Tarakia, Master of Mind; over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brickthing/15477072577/

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