A Non-Stop Lego Trailer, starring Lego Liam Neeson

Non-Stop Lego Trailer

Non-Stop is about to be released in theaters. Meaning that Liam Neeson will be appearing in two movies at the same time. He is also starring as the Bad-Cop/Good-Cop in The Lego Movie. What better way to celebrate this coincidence then with Lego. This Non-Stop Lego Trailer is the creation of the Brotherhood Workshop, who have been creating great Lego videos for a while now. There is something about the Minifigures (including the hand customized ones) that are enduring.

Even if Non-Stop won’t be a great movie, we at least get a great trailer.


Brotherhood Workshop has also created a scene-by-scene split screen version of the Lego trailer comparing it to the original. These are always fun.


Shinjen the Samurai

[Rhymes_Shelter]'s Shinjen The Samurai[Rhymes_Shelter]'s Shinjen The Samurai Left

Shinjen the Samurai is a wonderful Lego figure. Packed full of little details with amazing Lego building skills. Using a combination of Lego bricks, Bionicle and Hero Factory almost seamlessly. The design for Shinjin is based from the idea of a hybrid of the Chinese lion statue and the samurai. The green eyes, built with the Lego lime dome really help to sell this little guy. Using the balljoints for the hair/lion mane is another great unique use. And, the shingled armor around the waist is actually built with a piece I have never seen, but it looks good.

Check out Shinjen the Samurai, built by [Rhymes_Shelter], on Flickr: