E-Mote: Lego Robots with Personality

Legohaulic's EMOTE Lego Robots: Butterflies

E-MOTE: Butterflies

Lego robots have made a lot of progress in the last few years. With the increased variety of Technic / Bionicle / Hero Factory parts, and people getting more comfortable with mixing them in with standard Lego bricks the options for Lego robot builders have blossomed. Flickr user, Legohaulic, has recently created a very charming series called E-MOTE. A series of scenes between two extremely expressive robots.

Legohaulic's EMOTE Robots: Bashful

E-MOTE: Bashful

With detailed hands, some eyes, eyebrows, and posable limbs, these little Lego Robots can emote almost anything. One of the great tiny details is the use of a transparent brick to represent the heart on each of these bots. These robots are extremely minimal in design, making it easy to study the techniques and assembly. These two Lego bots have set a new standard in expression, humor and personality.

Legohaulic's EMOTE Lego Robots: Bot-y Building

E-MOTE: Bot-y Building

Check out the whole series of E-MOTE (over 15 photos!) over at Legohaulic’s Flickr page: