Curl Up With This Mecha Nautilus

Curl Up With This Mecha Nautilus, Lego MOC

This Lego Nautilus is created by Mitsuru Nikaido. Specifically it is a Mecha Nautilus Mk2-10. This robotic sea creature features a grey and white color palette, there is no color here. The design is amazingly complicated. A system of clips and hinges create the spiral shape, and a whole lot of white plates protect it from harm. There are some surprising Lego pieces to be found. A part of an airplane jet engine is used for the top of the Nautilus, a few Bionicle pieces are around the top, and a Hero Factory logo/icon piece is used for the eye. The tentacle/feeler propulsion system looks especially good. The end result is a very organic Mech, kinda like something you might find in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Curl Up With This Mecha Nautilus, Lego MOC Detail

You can see more of this Mecha Nautilus Lego MOC over here:

The Lego Neko-Robo Companion

The Lego Neko-Robo Companion

This Neko-Robo Companion is a Lego robot built by Jack Frost. Programmed with over 500 emotional responses you will never be lonely again. The robot is an entry into the Bio-Cup 2020 challenge. The companion has a few interesting features including a television for a head, and what looks like a microphone for a tail. In terms of a Lego creation make sure to check out some of the inventive part usage. The Lego shock-absorbers can be found being used as feet, a few springs add some detail to the mechanics, the flower used for decoration, and a pair of Lego tires used for wrists. The figure features a good amount of articulated joints, which means that it can be posed in many different ways. Although with such small feet, it might be hard to find a good balance.

You can find more of this Neko-Robo Companion Lego robot over here:

Lego, Nintendo 64, Transformers. Mashup.

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64, Transformers. Mashup.

This Lego Nintendo 64 with Controller, and Donkey Kong 64 and Golden Eye 007 (James Bond) video games sums up a whole lot of childhoods in one image. Baron Julius von Brunk created this great tribute to the last great cartridge system. With some amazing attention to detail. The controller ports on the front of the Nintendo 64 are perfect. There is even a red LED bit on the front, perfect for knowing when you have hit the power or reset buttons (also present!). Not only that, this MOC has that wonky AC adapter, a save cartridge in the controller, and more. It all comes together in a pretty realistic version of a Nintendo 64. Kinda makes you want to boot up an old system and play some multiplayer Golden Eye 007.

But, thats not all. This Nintendo 64 and accessories Lego creation has a secret. It can transform into a variety of robots. For instance the iconic Nintendo 64 controller can turn into a robotic scorpian.

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64, Controller Transformed

While the Nintendo 64 itself can transform into a deadly robot. With shoulder cannon and magazine (conveniently made from the save pack).

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64 Robot

Best of all is the Lego Donkey Kong 64 game. It can transform into a robotic gorilla. Ready to throw barrels and pound the ground. Or maybe just eat a banana.

Baron Julius von Brunk Lego, Nintendo 64, Donkey Kong 64 Robot

Check out the whole project on Baron Julius von Brunk’s Flickr page:

BrickPi: Lego Bricks with a Raspberry Pi Brain @ Kickstarter

BrickPi: Lego Bricks with a Raspberry Pi Brain: Robot

BrickPi is a simple system for joining together Lego bricks with the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a super small open-source computer that is powerful enough to play high definition video. The standard connections available are USB, RCA, LAN, Audio, HDMI, GPIO, and SD Cards. With this system you will be able to hook a Raspberry Pi computer into the Lego Mindstorms sensors; specifically 3 motors and 4 sensors. These things combined can be used to create smart robots. BrickPi is looking for funding on Kickstarter, check out the video for more details:

BrickPi will be powered by Arduino and Python. As an added plus, the designers will be providing examples and libraries for all your robotic needs.

BrickPi is made by the people over at Dexter Industries.

“We were founded by John Cole, an engineer who had never touched a soldering iron before 2009, but had a burning desire to make robots. Most of our products before this were for the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT or Arduino.

When we saw the RPi, we saw the future and ordered six of them.  After setting up the Raspberry Pi, we were a little frustrated that it stood still. So we looked for a way to make it into a robot.

Thus was born the BrickPi.”

BrickPi: Lego Bricks with a Raspberry Pi Brain: Robot 2

Dexter Industries: