Glass Dome Lego Castles

Glass Dome Lego Castles

These glass dome Lego castles are created by Petronel22. The presentation of these Lego MOCs is above and beyond most creations. Each castle fits inside of an Ikea Härliga Glass Dome, this make them feel like a unique (and fragile) miniature world. Plus they get the added bonus of not having a dust problem. Another way to present these is that each castle has also been digitally composited against a background. These images almost feel like travel posters. The red roofed castle is called Tar’Cen Burg. It occupies all the available room on top of a rocky island. There is even a little Lego stream descending into the ocean. The yellow topped castle is called YuDita has been built on top of a grassy hill. Both of these are great micro scale castles. Each of them feature a lot of well built towers, keeps, bridges, and other small buildings.

Glass Dome Lego Castles, TarCen Burg

You can find more information and photos of Tar’Cen Burg and YuDita Castle over here:

Glass Dome Lego Castles, YuDita

Winterfell from A Game of Thrones in Lego

Winterfell, A Game of Thrones Lego

In A Game of Thrones, the castle of Winterfell is the capital of the North. In the beginning of the series, the continent of Westeros is ruled by the Iron Throne, and it can be divided up further into 7 smaller kingdoms. The northern kingdom is home of House Stark who live in Winterfell. The castle Winterfell supports Winter Town during the winter years, but during the summer years most of its citizens spread throughout the kingdom.

Winterfell with Bran Stark, A Game of Thrones Lego

This Lego Winterfell is the creation of Sered, who spent a whole lot of time on this MOC. The castle contains a surprising amount of details, including some fully furnished interiors, a Godswood, the Broken Tower, the Great Keep, and even little Bran Stark climbing around the walls. I wonder what he will find inside those closed doors.

Winterfell Wall, A Game of Thrones Lego

Winterfell is a part of a greater diorama based on A Game of Thrones. Besides Winterfell, the locations of the Frey’s Twin Towers, and Castle Black are also showcased. The whole diorama is 288 studs wide, and 576 studs long. The project is the creation of Sered, Marco Cancellieri, Lothard McLotti, and Itaria No Shintaku. Recently the whole project was displayed at ItLug Latina 2013 Lugfest.

Winterfell Detail, A Game of Thrones Lego

Photos of Winterfell can be found here:

More information about the A Game of Thrones diorama can be found here:

Castle Black from A Game of Thrones in Lego

Lego Game Of Thrones, Castle Black

In A Game of Thrones, Castle Black is the headquarters for the the Night’s Watch. A group of men who devote their lives to maintaining the Wall. Which is the primary defense against the Wildlings and the other things that live in the north. The castle is mostly built from ice and rock, and is nothing more than a small keep. One of the most defining features of Castle Black is the man powered elevator to the top of the wall. At one time there was also a huge staircase…

This Lego Castle Black is the creation of Marco Cancellieri (The Chancellor) who included it in a larger A Game of Thrones diorama. The amount of white Lego bricks present here is mind boggling, it must be a lot of work making sure they don’t yellow. The larger diorama also features Winterfell, and the Frey’s Twin Towers. The diorama is 288 studs wide, and 576 studs long. The whole project is currently being expanded. Maybe someday the whole of Westeros will be built…

A Game Of Thrones, Castle Black Lego

Photos of Castle Black can be found here:!123

More information about the A Game of Thrones diorama can be found here:

The King’s Castle Keep — Lego CUUSOO Project by durazno33

Lego CUUSOO The Kings Castle Keep

Lego is very good at designing a very particular Castle. The recent Lego Kings Castle (70404) is a good example. They usually contain a massive gate house, two wall towers (bastions) and usually one big tower. The design is always extremely modular, with movable walls, and reconfigurable layouts. The only problem is that Lego has made this castle many many times. Once you own one or two they start to blend together and get boring.

Durazno33 has proposed a CUUSOO project called “The King’s Castle Keep.” Which sets out to fix the lack of variety in Lego castles. A three level keep meant to compliment your Castle collection. Featuring a throne room, treasury, kitchen and dungeon. The design would be able to open up from the sides, but still look great from all angles. It even includes an obligatory catapult.

Lego CUUSOO The Kings Castle Keep OpenLego CUUSOO The Kings Castle Keep Treasure

Check out all the details over on CUUSOO:

A Lego Castle MOC: Welcoming The King

Teabox's Lego Castle, Welcoming The King

“Welcoming The King” is an almost perfect Lego scene. The biggest disappointment is that the display is not larger. A great way to show off your Lego MOC is by taking great photos of them. The overhead view with a plain or cutout background is standard, but when the camera is zoomed into the scene it can help liven it up. This is a great example. The crowd shot above, makes this parade look extremely lively, full on energy and sound. You can almost hear the crowd. Zooming in even further can highlight some of the tiny detail that would otherwise go unnoticed. For instance the banner (flag) saleswoman at the very edge of the scene is easy to miss. Yet here, the details have been brought out, creating what looks like a special Lego moment.

Teabox's Lego Castle, Welcoming The King Pt. 2

A Lego Castle MOC usually focuses on the main keep, but it is nice to see the rest of the castle and village. For instance this gatehouse leading into the city has been extremely well made. The classic Lego red roofs have never looked better. Check out the tiny windows that hint at a forced perspective.

Teabox's Lego Castle, Welcoming The King Pt. 3

“Welcoming The King,” created by Teabox, can be viewed on Flickr:

Legends of Brickdom: Assassination

Ryclen's Legends of Brickdom Character Introduction

The task assigned to Tarduan was simple enough: kill a certain Platinus commander involved with the planning of invading Daien, and take any intelligence he could while at it. It was good money too. Tarduan’s services usually went to the highest bidder. In these times of war, the government was the highest bidder.

After dispatching the guards, he rushed into the commander’s quarters and slew him with a quick stroke of his sword before his target had a chance to reach for the ceremonial sword on his desk. Flipping through documents, rifling through chests and drawers, he pocketed valuable documents, even ones which were not his target. Those could be easily sold to other kingdoms for good profit. However, something caught his eye. Several maps and aged parchment scrolls describing a certain object. One of the legendary god weapons, named Athor’s Gift. After quickly scanning the description, he was sure that investigating such an artifact would be worth his time. He also noted that the translations had been recorded weeks ago, meaning others would most likely be after it too. Tarduan would have to hurry.” — Legends of Brickdom

Ryclen's Legends of Brickdom Entry 1: Assassination

An interesting trend has taken hold in the Lego Castle community. The concept of creating a community based fantasy story and recreating scenes and locations in Lego is truly interesting. The Legends of Brickdom is one such story. These groups are currently creating some of the most impressive Lego Fantasy MOCs, vignettes, and scenes. Here is Ryclen’s first entry into the LoB group. The “Assassination” is amazing. Full of details, such as the stained glass, red carpet, the bookshelf, and one very well made desk. This Lego scene looks alive.

Check out Ryclen’s Legends of Brickdom: Assassination on Flickr:

Legends of Brickdom group information: