Legends of Brickdom: Assassination

Ryclen's Legends of Brickdom Character Introduction

The task assigned to Tarduan was simple enough: kill a certain Platinus commander involved with the planning of invading Daien, and take any intelligence he could while at it. It was good money too. Tarduan’s services usually went to the highest bidder. In these times of war, the government was the highest bidder.

After dispatching the guards, he rushed into the commander’s quarters and slew him with a quick stroke of his sword before his target had a chance to reach for the ceremonial sword on his desk. Flipping through documents, rifling through chests and drawers, he pocketed valuable documents, even ones which were not his target. Those could be easily sold to other kingdoms for good profit. However, something caught his eye. Several maps and aged parchment scrolls describing a certain object. One of the legendary god weapons, named Athor’s Gift. After quickly scanning the description, he was sure that investigating such an artifact would be worth his time. He also noted that the translations had been recorded weeks ago, meaning others would most likely be after it too. Tarduan would have to hurry.” — Legends of Brickdom

Ryclen's Legends of Brickdom Entry 1: Assassination

An interesting trend has taken hold in the Lego Castle community. The concept of creating a community based fantasy story and recreating scenes and locations in Lego is truly interesting. The Legends of Brickdom is one such story. These groups are currently creating some of the most impressive Lego Fantasy MOCs, vignettes, and scenes. Here is Ryclen’s first entry into the LoB group. The “Assassination” is amazing. Full of details, such as the stained glass, red carpet, the bookshelf, and one very well made desk. This Lego scene looks alive.

Check out Ryclen’s Legends of Brickdom: Assassination on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryclen/9415948279/

Legends of Brickdom group information: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lob-dawn_of_legends/