Winterfell from A Game of Thrones in Lego

Winterfell, A Game of Thrones Lego

In A Game of Thrones, the castle of Winterfell is the capital of the North. In the beginning of the series, the continent of Westeros is ruled by the Iron Throne, and it can be divided up further into 7 smaller kingdoms. The northern kingdom is home of House Stark who live in Winterfell. The castle Winterfell supports Winter Town during the winter years, but during the summer years most of its citizens spread throughout the kingdom.

Winterfell with Bran Stark, A Game of Thrones Lego

This Lego Winterfell is the creation of Sered, who spent a whole lot of time on this MOC. The castle contains a surprising amount of details, including some fully furnished interiors, a Godswood, the Broken Tower, the Great Keep, and even little Bran Stark climbing around the walls. I wonder what he will find inside those closed doors.

Winterfell Wall, A Game of Thrones Lego

Winterfell is a part of a greater diorama based on A Game of Thrones. Besides Winterfell, the locations of the Frey’s Twin Towers, and Castle Black are also showcased. The whole diorama is 288 studs wide, and 576 studs long. The project is the creation of Sered, Marco Cancellieri, Lothard McLotti, and Itaria No Shintaku. Recently the whole project was displayed at ItLug Latina 2013 Lugfest.

Winterfell Detail, A Game of Thrones Lego

Photos of Winterfell can be found here:

More information about the A Game of Thrones diorama can be found here:

Lego Game Of Thrones: Godswood Weirwood Tree

Flailx's Lego Game Of Thrones Godswood Wierwood Tree, Ice

A Game of Thrones makes for some great Lego MOCs. There is already a deadly “Red Wedding” featured on LegoGenre. In this vignette the focus is on one of the mysterious Weirwood Trees. Presumably set in the Winterfell Godswood. Each Godswood grove contains one Weirwood (also known as a heart-tree). The Weirwood is a very unique tree, featuring white bark, red leaves, and a formation in the center trunk that looks like a face. The Weirwood often bleeds a red sap from this face. Each one is thousands of years old, and is used as a religious site for the Old gods.

Flailx has designed this great Lego Game of Thrones scene. Showing Eddard Stark praying and cleaning his sword, named Ice. Lego has recently been producing new foliage and leaves in all sorts of new colors. Most recently the red leaves have been popping up in the Hobbot theme, and Flailx quickly used these to create this Weirwood. A great Lego tree, using none of the standard tree branches, but instead using the Lego cylinders. This is also another good example of how adding a frame to a vignette helps pull it altogether.

Flailx's Lego Game Of Thrones Godswood Wierwood Tree

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