Castle Black from A Game of Thrones in Lego

Lego Game Of Thrones, Castle Black

In A Game of Thrones, Castle Black is the headquarters for the the Night’s Watch. A group of men who devote their lives to maintaining the Wall. Which is the primary defense against the Wildlings and the other things that live in the north. The castle is mostly built from ice and rock, and is nothing more than a small keep. One of the most defining features of Castle Black is the man powered elevator to the top of the wall. At one time there was also a huge staircase…

This Lego Castle Black is the creation of Marco Cancellieri (The Chancellor) who included it in a larger A Game of Thrones diorama. The amount of white Lego bricks present here is mind boggling, it must be a lot of work making sure they don’t yellow. The larger diorama also features Winterfell, and the Frey’s Twin Towers. The diorama is 288 studs wide, and 576 studs long. The whole project is currently being expanded. Maybe someday the whole of Westeros will be built…

A Game Of Thrones, Castle Black Lego

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