It’s The Final Battle, A Lego MOC

It’s The Final Battle, A Lego MOC

The Hero has finally made it to the end, and is ready for the final battle. An epic fight with a giant, made up of a whole bunch of other Minifigures. “The Final Battle” is the creation of SeanBr1cks, who built this Lego MOC as an entry into the Lego Ideas contest. The giant is the star of this build, and amazingly it keeps the Minifigures shape very well. If you look carefully you can even see it has two eyes. It is also rare to see a brick built background. Here it is a bunch of plates turned up on their side. It works well, and is better than a plain white or grey background. Hopefully our little hero brought an extra life or two, or at least a health potion… he’s going to need it.

Check out “The Final Battle” over here:

Fending Off The Lego Giants

Fending Off The Lego Giants

“Fending off the Giants” is a Lego MOC built by Peter Carmichael. It is a reference to Gulliver’s Travels, where the giant gets trapped and tied down by smaller people. Here those Lego Giants are actually Lego Flashlights. Which are neat toys, but infamously not easy to combine with your Lego collection. The base is a great design, with a combination of plates and slopes to give it that 3D quality. These types of bases are great for displaying your MOCs. As mini builds the gold gem flail stands out, as does the tall tree. The solution for tying down the giants is also great, and manages to use official Lego pieces. Then there is the defending army being a bunch of random classic Minifigures which is great. The question is if they can manage to win the battle. Giant Emmet doesn’t look like he is going down easily.

Fending Off The Lego Giants, Detail

Check out “Fending off the Giants” all the way over here:

Skylanders: Shroomboom & Trigger Happy

IScreamClone and Tazmaniac's Skylanders He Shoots He Spores

I Scream Clone and Taz-Maniac have created a pair of Skylanders Lego MOCs. Skylanders is a genre busting series of Action Figures that you can collect and play inside a digital world.  First showing up a few years ago, the concept and execution of the Skylanders system completely surprised everyone. The pure popularity of the game/figure system means Activision is printing gold. Here, in Lego, are two of the Skylanders: Giants characters, Shroomboom and Trigger Happy. They use many of the more advanced building techniques which in this case makes them a bit more fragile. These two little creatures sure look cute, but I’m sure they can hold their own.

Sadly these will not work with your Portal of Power. Maybe someday.

Tazmaniac's Skylanders Trigger Happy

Check these out on Flickr: He Shoots, He Spores!:
and Trigger Happy: