The Chicken Buster, A Hulkbuster Parody

Peter C's Lego Chicken Buster

“Did you know there is also a Thor buster, Magneto buster, even Galactus buster? Why not a Chicken buster?” — Peter C.

There have been a lot of Lego Hulkbusters over the past few years, most of them great. It is about time we get the other Busters. First up a Chickenbuster. It looks like Tony Stark woke up late, and grabbed the wrong helmet. He is ready to turn some villains into omelets. Look out. The Chicken Buster is the creation of Peter C, who is having a good time creating new ways to mock the Hulk.

You find the Chicken Buster, built by Peter C. over on Flickr:

This Lego Hulkbuster Armor Is Ready To Fight The Hulk

KaLor's Lego Hulkbuster, Iron Man

Most Lego Hulkbuster Armor builds focus on size. Most of them end up towering over the official Hulk figure. Although there is a certain charm to seeing a such a massive Iron Man, having a more proper scale version is awesome. Over on Lego Ideas, Ka.Lor has proposed their version of the Hulkbuster. By not having to design a full pilot cage for an Iron Man Minifigure, Ka.Lor is able to focus on mobility and structure. The end result is a Hulkbuster that is amazingly tiny, yet still incredibly imposing. Some of the details here are great, such at the Lego binoculars being used for fingers, Minifig hands being used for various clips, and even tiny Lego pistols being used to define the chest shape.

KaLor's Lego Hulkbuster, Iron Man Back

Check out, and vote for this Lego Hulkbuster over on Lego Ideas:

There is also the Lego Iron Man: Hulkbuster Project over here:

The Iron Man: Hulkbuster Project

Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster Project

In the Marvel universe every superhero will have to fight the Hulk at least once. Hulk vs. Thor, Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Juggernaut… the DC Comics superheroes are not immune to the Hulk with Hulk vs. Superman, and Hulk vs. Batman. Even Iron Man has had his share of Hulk fights. In such a fight, Tony Stark usually comes prepared and brings out his custom Hulk fighting armor… the Hulkbuster!

Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster Project 2

Jonsanpedro has created a project for an official Lego Iron Man: Hulkbuster set over at the Lego Cuusoo page. The Hulkbuster proposed in this project is an amalgamation of  many suits. This particular version is an exoskeleton that fits over the standard Iron Man armor.

This build merges together two of the most popular Lego themes out there. Iron Man and Mech suits, creating a huge fan base. This Hulkbuster is fully posable with multiple articulation points. Even the little Iron Man minifigure nestles in and become the “head” of the Mech. These details create a build that has a huge amount of charm and personality. Just look at this photo of Iron Man and Pepper Potts…

Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster Project 3

Go and read more about the Lego Iron Man Hulkbuster Project here:

Lego Stark Industries Armory / Iron Man Hall of Armor

becauseBATMAN's Stark Industries Armory, Iron Man Hall of Armor

The Iron Man Hall of Armor has proven to be a very popular Lego MOC build, even Lego has offered an official version of their own. From the small to the big, each MOC has its own charm. This version of the Hall of Armor is amazingly complete. Coming in at 5 stories, 4 of which store Iron Man suits, this build has to be one of the most ambitious. The first floor features Tony Starks lab, and the top floors contain the workshop, and even storage for a huge Hulkbuster Suit.

becauseBATMAN's Stark Industries Armory, Iron Man Hall of Armor LabbecauseBATMAN's Stark Industries Armory, Iron Man Hall of Armor Hulkbuster

What makes this build impressive is the massive amount of custom Iron Man minifigures. With 31 unique suits of armor, Tony Stark must feel like a kid in a candy store. Custom Iron Man minifigures are practically a whole separate genre of custom minifigs at this point. Some of the best work is coming out of this theme.

Some of the custom minifigures featured in the Stark Industries Armory are: Stealth Artillery Suit, Silver Centurion Mk. 2, Deep Space Suit, Enhanced Reactor suit, Prototype Stealth suit,  Hot Rod Red, Deep Sea Hydro suit, Long Distance suit, Silver Centurion retro-inspired suit, Hyper Velocity suit, War Machine 2.0 prototype suit, Prometheum-armor inspired suit, War Machine Heavy Duty, Godkiller armor, Bleeding Edge armor,  “Bones,” War Machine, Mk. 42 prototype, Mk. 42, Iron Patriot, Radiation-zone suit, Super Stealth suit, “Shotgun”, “Gemini”, and “Heartbreaker.”

becauseBATMAN's Stark Industries Armory, Iron Man Hall of Armor Detail 1

becauseBATMAN's Stark Industries Armory, Iron Man Hall of Armor Detail 2

becauseBATMAN's Stark Industries Armory, Iron Man Hall of Armor Detail 3

This build is actually a revised version. Another whole version of the Armory was built that originally showed more of the Hulkbuster. For all the details of becauseBATMAN’s Lego Stark Industries Armory / Iron Man Hall of Armor, check it out on Eurobricks:

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