The Iron Man: Hulkbuster Project

Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster Project

In the Marvel universe every superhero will have to fight the Hulk at least once. Hulk vs. Thor, Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Juggernaut… the DC Comics superheroes are not immune to the Hulk with Hulk vs. Superman, and Hulk vs. Batman. Even Iron Man has had his share of Hulk fights. In such a fight, Tony Stark usually comes prepared and brings out his custom Hulk fighting armor… the Hulkbuster!

Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster Project 2

Jonsanpedro has created a project for an official Lego Iron Man: Hulkbuster set over at the Lego Cuusoo page. The Hulkbuster proposed in this project is an amalgamation of  many suits. This particular version is an exoskeleton that fits over the standard Iron Man armor.

This build merges together two of the most popular Lego themes out there. Iron Man and Mech suits, creating a huge fan base. This Hulkbuster is fully posable with multiple articulation points. Even the little Iron Man minifigure nestles in and become the “head” of the Mech. These details create a build that has a huge amount of charm and personality. Just look at this photo of Iron Man and Pepper Potts…

Jonsanpedro's Iron Man Hulkbuster Project 3

Go and read more about the Lego Iron Man Hulkbuster Project here:

5 thoughts on “The Iron Man: Hulkbuster Project”

  1. We need this! We have followed logos for years and have spent thousands on them. Yet I don’t think I have the parts to create the Hulkbuster as I see it here. This looks great! Get it done Lego… Please! Email if this is available!!

  2. Did you make instructions to recreate this? If so How may I obtain them. I am a Iron man fan. I was a Lego maniac as a child an seeing this rekindled the joy in it. I purchased the Age of Ultron LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Hulk Buster. But like the tweeks you made to it and would be appreciative for any info or if possible the actual instructions on how to build this. PS; I am a 40 something geek so you know I totally appreciate the creativity you put into this. :)

  3. sweet hulk-buster smash its epic is probably he used some old iron man Lego here and some Juggernaut parts there and a iron man figure to do the head and that = The hullkbuster

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