Slaughter Is The Best Medicine – Joker’s Truck

Slaughter Is The Best Medicine - Joker's Truck

Slaughter is the best medicine. A perfect pun seen on the semi truck that Joker has stolen from Hyams Amusement Parks. This “The Dark Knight Joker Truck” is the creation of The Eleventh Bricks. The build has a huge custom sticker on the trailer for Hyams. Huge stickers are not always popular but in this case everything is accurate to the film, and the branding fits in perfectly with this Lego MOC. The semi truck has some nice features too. The off center license plate, and the side mirrors are well built. The sunlight screen/bug protector is another great detail that looks great in Lego. The truck has been built to scale to fit in with the recent Lego Speed Champions theme. Which means that two Minifigs can fit in the cab, side by side. Joker will flip out when he sees Lego MOC.

Slaughter Is The Best Medicine - Hyams Truck

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Terminator 2 Motorcycle Escape Lego Version

Terminator 2 Motorcycle Escape Lego Version

One of the most memorable moments from the Terminator films is the motorcycle escape through Bull Creek. The concrete flood and drainage design of the creek is a perfect location for a truck and motorcycle chase. This Lego version called “Pieces of Cinema 23: Terminator 2: Judgement Day” is built by totallyawesome_me. Who has been building and recreating famous film scenes in Lego. For this vignette they chose to have a brick built motorcycle, instead of the official Lego one. The Harley Davidson has some great details in the handlebars (claws holding pistols) and in the exhaust system. The characters are all recognizable, especially the Terminator and the T-1000. The shotgun is a really interesting build. A pirate style pistol with two Lego bars rubber banded together. The brown plant base as gun fire is great. Altogether it works really well. Can John Connor make it out alive?

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Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379

Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379, Semi Truck

The Peterbilt 379 truck is one of the most popular trucks ever made. Manufactured between 1987 and 2007, this vehicle was one of the largest trucks ever sold. Besides rolling down highways, the Peterbilt has been starring in films and video games. Most notably appearing as Optimus Prime from the Transformers series. This Lego Peterbilt 379 truck is built by Vladimir Drozd. Like the real life version, this is a huge Lego MOC. The truck features 6 wheels, and a sleeper cab. The shape and details are all spot on. Especially the hood and grill. The various lights and antennae are also well built. The truck also comes with a long trailer. It looks like it is shipping various Lego pipes made out 1×1 round bricks. There is even a spare tire in the back. A lot of interesting features have been included in this semi truck. There is a technic undercarraige, giving the back tires a suspension system that can adjust about 1 brick in height. The hood also opens up to reveal a fully detailed engine. All the better to drive cross country.

Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379, Truck Trailer

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Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379 Truck Engine

This Lego Transformers Optimus Prime Is More Than Meets The Eye

Ralph S's Lego Transformers Optimus Prime Truck

Lego and Transformers seems like a pretty good match. The problem is that the recent movies and the cartoons take extreme liberties in the design. Usually there is no way these robots could fit into a tiny car. Since a computer can cheat and hide away a lot of the conflicting elements, the films get away with this. When you are working in Lego these conflicts need to be carefully worked out. Ralph S has created an extremely detailed Lego Optimus Prime. What separates this from all the other Lego Transformers MOCs is that this one can actually transform. The truck from is a good looking Lego MOC, even if you didn’t know what was hiding inside. Then with some careful transforming, Optimus Prime, stands tall. At 45-50cm in height, this makes the models scale at 1/22. Even better Optimus can stand on his own (although don’t sneeze around him, and don’t tell the Decepticons).

Ralph S's Lego Transformers Optimus Prime

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