Terminator 2 Motorcycle Escape Lego Version

Terminator 2 Motorcycle Escape Lego Version

One of the most memorable moments from the Terminator films is the motorcycle escape through Bull Creek. The concrete flood and drainage design of the creek is a perfect location for a truck and motorcycle chase. This Lego version called “Pieces of Cinema 23: Terminator 2: Judgement Day” is built by totallyawesome_me. Who has been building and recreating famous film scenes in Lego. For this vignette they chose to have a brick built motorcycle, instead of the official Lego one. The Harley Davidson has some great details in the handlebars (claws holding pistols) and in the exhaust system. The characters are all recognizable, especially the Terminator and the T-1000. The shotgun is a really interesting build. A pirate style pistol with two Lego bars rubber banded together. The brown plant base as gun fire is great. Altogether it works really well. Can John Connor make it out alive?

Check out more details of this Lego motorcycle escape, called “Pieces of Cinema 23: Terminator 2: Judgement Day,” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101049065@N02/49771361726/

The Lego Terminator Will Be Back

The Lego Terminator T-800 Will Be Back

There are so many different types of Terminator robots. You have the tank version, a bunch of different android versions, some are made out of liquid metal or nanomachines, and some are a mix of all the different versions. Now we have a Lego Terminator. This deadly T-800 Terminator was built by Aaron. The finished model is over 500 pieces. Which is enough to give it an amazing range of movement. The articulation in the arms and legs (neck and hands too) gives it a lot of different ways to pose for display. The Lego MOC robot has some fun details. The piston/shocks in the chest area, all the tubes and hoses look great, the red center of each eye, and the pipe based chrome dome looks good. Another great detail is the light tan 1×1 round plate, and the 1×1 round plate with no stud, the two combined create rather believable teeth. I wonder if this Lego Terminator takes a shotgun blast to the chest, if it could rebuild itself? One brick at a time.

The Lego Terminator Will Be Back, Full T-800 Robot

This Lego Terminator has a set of instructions you can purchase. A great way to build your own. You can find those and more photos of this T-800 Terminator over here: https://buildbetterbricks.com/collections/custom-lego-instructions/products/instructions-for-custom-lego-terminator-t-800