Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379

Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379, Semi Truck

The Peterbilt 379 truck is one of the most popular trucks ever made. Manufactured between 1987 and 2007, this vehicle was one of the largest trucks ever sold. Besides rolling down highways, the Peterbilt has been starring in films and video games. Most notably appearing as Optimus Prime from the Transformers series. This Lego Peterbilt 379 truck is built by Vladimir Drozd. Like the real life version, this is a huge Lego MOC. The truck features 6 wheels, and a sleeper cab. The shape and details are all spot on. Especially the hood and grill. The various lights and antennae are also well built. The truck also comes with a long trailer. It looks like it is shipping various Lego pipes made out 1×1 round bricks. There is even a spare tire in the back. A lot of interesting features have been included in this semi truck. There is a technic undercarraige, giving the back tires a suspension system that can adjust about 1 brick in height. The hood also opens up to reveal a fully detailed engine. All the better to drive cross country.

Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379, Truck Trailer

Check out this Lego Peterbilt 379 truck over here:

Trucking With A Lego Peterbilt 379 Truck Engine

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