Lego Ideas First 2014 Review Results: Birds, Big Bang

Lego has finally posted the results of the first 2014 Lego Ideas review. For all the projects that didn’t pass (Lego Apple Store, Back to the Future Train), Lego said nothing. The good news is that one of the best Lego Ideas (Cuusoo) projects has been approved. The Lego Birds will be an official Lego set. These little guys are super cute, and are a great way to introduce the spherical building techniques. to new Lego builders. It is interesting to see Lego go back and forth with licensed sets and original ideas.

Lego Ideas, Lego Birds

Lego also announced another winner for this review. In a surprising announcement Lego revealed that the Big Bang Theory will be an official set. This opens up a whole new theme in Lego Ideas. Current television properties.  This could be the beginning of a tidal wave of projects based on popular culture. The proposed Big Bang Theory project has a whole lot of references to science fiction, and comic books. Lets hope that these details make into the final product.

Lego Ideas, Big Bang Theory

Not only did Lego announce two winners in the first 2014 review, but they also teased us with two projects that are still pending. The Doctor Who projects are still being considered. Since Lego announced that the license is available, it seems that these have a good chance at approval. The biggest problem is probably figuring out what direction to take the project and who to credit for the idea.

Lego Ideas, Doctor Who Lego Ideas, Doctor Who Characters

Lego CUUSOO is dead, long live Lego Ideas!

Lego CUUSOO Closed, is now Lego Ideas

On April 30th Lego will be terminating the Lego CUUSOO project and replacing it with Lego Ideas. Lego CUUSOO has been in Beta since it opening in 2011, even though it has launched many successful Lego sets. Because of this success they will be integrating the CUUSOO concept into Lego Ideas. The new site will come online on April 30th. According to Lego:

Once LEGO Ideas launches, you’ll be able to continue promoting your existing projects and participate on the new platform…”

There are two big changes that have been revealed. Lego Ideas will have one year to earn 10,000 supporters, and after that will have to restart at zero. The other change is that people can now submit projects if they are 13+ years old.

Check out the full details here: