Lego CUUSOO is dead, long live Lego Ideas!

Lego CUUSOO Closed, is now Lego Ideas

On April 30th Lego will be terminating the Lego CUUSOO project and replacing it with Lego Ideas. Lego CUUSOO has been in Beta since it opening in 2011, even though it has launched many successful Lego sets. Because of this success they will be integrating the CUUSOO concept into Lego Ideas. The new site will come online on April 30th. According to Lego:

Once LEGO Ideas launches, you’ll be able to continue promoting your existing projects and participate on the new platform…”

There are two big changes that have been revealed. Lego Ideas will have one year to earn 10,000 supporters, and after that will have to restart at zero. The other change is that people can now submit projects if they are 13+ years old.

Check out the full details here:

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