This Brick Built Lego Dog Is A Good Boy

This Brick Built Lego Dog Is A Good Boy Version 2

This brick built Lego dog is the creation of uran120. This good boy (レゴ 犬) was originally made all the way back in 2018 for Lunar New Year. The build also comes with a red and black display stand, and some lucky bamboo. The dog has been built with movement and articulation in mind. It features joints in the legs, paws, tail, neck, ears, and mouth. If you can think of a good pose, chances are that this Lego dog can do it. He knows all the tricks: sit, stand, hand stand, lay down, and wave. The tail is an especially interesting build, using a bunch of white mechanical arm pieces and t-bars to create. This gives it a full range of motion. This little Lego dog should get all the pets.

This Brick Built Lego Dog Is A Good Boy

There is more information and photos of this Lego Dog over here:

Have an Awesome New Year!

Lego New Years 2015

Lego is wishing everyone a Happy New Year! And, a very happy new year it will be with all of the new releases: the Detectives Office, Simpsons Minifigures, Architecture, Minecraft, and Friends.