New Photos and Details for Lego Friends 2015

Some new photos and details have been released for the upcoming Lego Friends 2015. There are still two sets without any images released. Mia’s Sports Car (41091), and Unknown (41096). These official photos show off a lot more of the details of each set. For instance the Hot Air Balloon is made up of multiple pieces, which is great news. One thing is certain, there are at least as many pets/animals as there are Friends.

Lego Friends Animal Care Clinic 41085

Lego Friends, Animal Care Clinic (41085) has a merry-go-round, a rolling medical station, and grooming area.Lego Friends Vet Ambulance 41086

Lego Friends, Vet Ambulance (41086) has a little vehicle, tiny stretcher, and a hedgehog.

Lego Friends Rabbit Mother With Babies 41087

Lego Friends, Rabbit Mother with Babies (41087) features a rabbit habitat, and two tiny baby rabbits.Lego Friends Puppy Training 41088

Lego Friends, Puppy Training (41088) comes with a mini dog agility course.Lego Friends Foal Care Stable 41089

Lego Friends, Foal Care Stable (41089) comes with a baby horse (foal) and small enclosure.Lego Friends Olivia's Garden Pool 41090

Lego Friends, Olivia’s Garden Pool (41090) has a floaty, portable stereo, and water slide.Lego Friends Stephanie's Pizzeria 41092

Lego Friends, Stephanie’s Pizzeria (41092) comes with a charming brick oven, and a table for two.

Lego Friends Heartlake Hair Salon 41093

Lego Friends, Heartlake Hair Salon (41093) comes with a fully furnished hair salon, and two Friends.Lego Friends Heartlake Lighthouse 41094

Lego Friends, Heartlake Lighthouse (41094) is one of the nicest looking Friends sets, and doubles as an ice cream parlor.Lego Friends Emma's House 41095

Lego Friends, Emma’s House (41095) is Emma’s purple two story house, which comes with an art easel, blue bicycle, and 3 Friends figures. Lego Friends Heartlake Hot Air Balloon 41097

Lego Friends, Hot Air Balloon (41097) is going to be the hard to find set. The balloon pieces are very desirable for Lego fans, and the set comes with one of the rare male Friends figures.

Thanks to Just2Good for releasing these early images of the first Lego Friends 2015 wave.

Check out more details for the 2015 wave of Lego Friends here:

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