Meep Meep! It’s Beaker From The Muppets!

Meep Meep! It’s Beaker From The Muppets! - Lego MOC

Beaker from the Muppets might just be one of the greatest lab assistants in the world. He is often working with the famous Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. These two always seem to have their science experiments go comically wrong, usually involving something catching fire. This Lego bust of Beaker is created by j-p-30. Everything (except the pupils on the eyes) is made out of official Lego pieces. Recreating wispy hair with solid Lego pieces is a challenge. Here the hair is a collection of red snakes, knives, sausages, horns, and even crowbars. It works well. Another interesting detail is the way the lab coat collar has been created. It uses grey Lego flexible tubing which gives an impression of a collar without actually having one. In most cases a good Lego build is never finished and that is the case here. Beaker’s nose was originally an orange carrot shape, and the newest version it is a yellow cone shape. The cone is closer to the actual muppet, but is not orange. Which version is better sounds like a great excuse for a science experiment.

Meep Meep! It’s Beaker From The Muppets! Lego MOC Version 2

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Mmm Cookie… Look Out For The Lego Cookie Monster

Mmm Cookie… Look Out For The Lego Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster is known for his unending appetite for cookies. It got him is a bit of trouble in the last few years, and the Monster had to start a new diet. One of moderation and healthy eating. But, he still enjoys a good cookie or two. This Lego Cookie Monster is the work of kosbrick. Built as part of a challenge/contest called H2H MOC Duel. The goal was to build a character inside a 16x16x16 stud area. This build is instantly recognizable. The body of the Monster uses studs to mimic the furry texture of the Muppet. With two googly eyes, and wide jaws. Another great detail is the base. Which just happens to look like cookie dough. The real Cookie Monster would approve of this Lego MOC.

Check out this “Coookieeeee!” Cookie Monster over here:

Bravo, Bravo! Waldorf and Statler Lego Muppets.

grubaluk's Lego Muppets, Waldorf And Statler

“They aren’t half bad.”
“Nope, they’re all bad!”

Waldorf and Statler are a couple of famous Muppets who are known for their back and forth heckling. Nothing can please these two old guys. Nothing except themselves. These two Lego figures of Statler and Waldorf are the creation of grubaluk. Featuring some slick SNOT building to create their profiles. Interestingly, the studs are being used to designate soft or hairy surfaces. Certainly not the first thing you think of when you think about Lego studs. It is also super interesting to see the “backstage” stuff. Creating just enough to complete the scene but nothing extra, like legs.

grubaluk's Lego Muppets, Waldorf And Statler Backstage

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