Bravo, Bravo! Waldorf and Statler Lego Muppets.

grubaluk's Lego Muppets, Waldorf And Statler

“They aren’t half bad.”
“Nope, they’re all bad!”

Waldorf and Statler are a couple of famous Muppets who are known for their back and forth heckling. Nothing can please these two old guys. Nothing except themselves. These two Lego figures of Statler and Waldorf are the creation of grubaluk. Featuring some slick SNOT building to create their profiles. Interestingly, the studs are being used to designate soft or hairy surfaces. Certainly not the first thing you think of when you think about Lego studs. It is also super interesting to see the “backstage” stuff. Creating just enough to complete the scene but nothing extra, like legs.

grubaluk's Lego Muppets, Waldorf And Statler Backstage

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