Jump Out Of This Lego Fortnite Battle Bus & Instructions

This Lego Fortnite Battle Bus & Instructions

There is only one way to get to the Fortnite Island and that is to catch a ride on the Battle Bus. A crazy bus loaded up with people who are getting ready to hunt each other down. The only way off is to jump, and parachute/glide your way to the ground. This Lego Fortnite Battle Bus is the creation of Brick Vault. It is the iconic blue school bus. It features locked and booted wheels. With a huge rig holding a massive hot air balloon. This Lego MOC is a tricky design. There are a lot of Lego pieces up in that balloon. Which makes it hard to properly brace and hold it upright over the bus while still making it look like it can float. The bus looks great on its wheels, but it has also been designed to hang from above. That way you can recreate all those crazy characters jumping out (to their doom). In this case Minifigures in a bunny rabbit costume and a scuba suit. Brick Vault even offers instructions on how to build this yourself. There are over 2900 pieces so it will not be as quick as a round of Fortnite.

Jump Out Of This Lego Fortnite Battle Bus & Instructions

You can purchase an instruction manual and check out more information about the Lego Fornite Battle Bus here: https://www.brickvault.toys/products/battle-bus-fortnite

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The Lego Myriapodobus Is Burrowing In 15 Minutes

Lego Myriapodobus, Insect Bus

Myriapoda is the insect subphylum thats full of squirming centipedes and millipedes. So it makes sense that a Myriapodobus would be a bus/train and millipede combined. This vehicle is designed and built by Vince_Toulouse. There are seven segments in this train which include the cab and the caboose. This train is fully detailed on the inside. There is a dinning segment, and multiple passenger segments. The Lego flexible cables for antenna is great, as are the many Insectoid legs used for propulsion. The gold trim is especially nice here, with the gold rocks, gold lantern, and gold lights on the front. A great contrast to all the green. Make sure to catch this Lego insect train, it is burrowing in 15 minutes!

Lego Myriapodobus Inside

The Lego Myriapodobus by Vince_Toulouse can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vince_toulouse/49669467001/

Lego Myriapodobus Caboose

Can’t Miss This Lego Bus

Lego Bus Rapid KL

A good public transit system is a necessity in our society. Taking people to and from all sorts of destinations. Lego people also need to go places, and any good Lego city needs at least one bus. There have been many official Lego bus sets released but none as detailed as this Lego MOC. This bus the creation of The Eleventh Bricks. It is a recreation of one of the Rapid Kuala Lumpur Busses. A lot of custom made decals/stickers help to lend this build realism. Not only is the exterior a great build, but it has a fully detailed interior too. Holding a lot of Minifigures, 25 to be exact, just like a real bus. Each seat can recline and there is even a signal cord. All built with about 500 Lego pieces. The whole MOC is fully lighted with headlights, taillights, break lights, and interior lights. This is one good looking Lego Bus, even at night.

Lego Bus Rapid KL Interior

Check out this Lego Rapid KL Bus over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/162930136@N03/49654641481/

Lego Bus With Lights
Lego Bus Night Lighting