The World Needs Heroes – A Lego Overwatch Collection

shm03337 Lego Overwatch Project

The super popular video game Overwatch has at least 23 characters, and that number is growing. With the newest being Sombra. Many people have been building Lego Overwatch MOCs based on these characters for a while now. Lego builder shm03337 has been creating a whole collection of Overwatch heroes. They have currently built nine, which seems like a lot but is not even half of them. This is a huge project.

The group consists of Lego versions of D.Va, Bastion, Torbjorn, Soldier 76, Mercy, Reaper, Pharah, Reinhardt, and Genji. The D.Va stands out for just how much work went into it. Not only did shm03337 build the character but they also built her mech suit. D.Va can also fit inside the suit, with some “slight” modifications to the Lego figure (removing legs). Then there is Bastion who has his Lego bird, Torbjorn with his awesome beard, Mercy’s wingspan, and Reinhardt’s huge hammer. There are so many characters, so if you do not see your favorite it might be added at a later time.

shm03337 Lego Overwatch D.Va shm03337 Lego Overwatch Bastion shm03337 Lego Overwatch Torbjorn shm03337 Lego Overwatch Soldier 76 shm03337 Lego Overwatch Mercy shm03337 Lego Overwatch Reaper shm03337 Lego Overwatch Pharah shm03337 Lego Overwatch Reinhardt shm03337 Lego Overwatch Genji

Begin Your Watch With These Videos

There is also a good 6 minute video that shows off all the little details for these Lego Overwatch characters. This was put together after the first 7 heroes where built, so a few of the newer ones are missing. It is a must watch video, especially to see how they all work.

There are also a lot of videos documenting each Lego MOC hero. You can find the D.Va video embedded below. It covers the design, and features of the build. And even shows how D.Va fits inside the mech. Check out their YouTube channel for all the videos.

Fight For The Future With Lego Overwatch

You can read a lot more (in Korean) about these Overwatch Lego figures, created by shm03337, over here:

Also stay tuned to the Overwatch section on LegoGenre here, you might even find Tracer:

Lego StarCraft: Ultralisk

Lego and StarCraft have always seemed like a great fit. It seems like an official Lego StarCraft theme is probably not in the future. The developers of StarCraft, Blizzard, have recently teamed up with Mega Bloks (the arch nemesis of Lego) to produce World of Warcraft sets. If anything, the mediocre sets produced by Mega Bloks has just increased the desire for an official Lego set. The space creatures and aliens would make for some amazing MOCs. For instance the StarCraft Ultralisk. This build has been scaled back a bit, the Ultralisk is normally 20 meters long, and 5 meters high. An organic tank. The zerg swarm use these alien behemoths to support its zergling and hydralisk armies. Featuring a super strong carapace, gigantic scythes known as “kaiser blades,” and extremely violent tendencies. Any terran marine would be unlucky to cross paths with one of these.

retinence's Lego StarCraft Ultralisk

This Ultralisk is an amazing Lego MOC. With good clean lines, no stray studs, and some really inventive uses for basic Lego bricks. Check out the main attraction: those tusks are simply genius. Giving a great impression of an organic structure with incredible deadliness. The properly proportioned feet look perfect for trampling and stomping. Even the Lego built face is pulled off well, with mandibles and and other details bringing this Ultralisk to life. Searching for Lego StarCraft you can find all sorts of amazing builds like this.

retinence's Lego StarCraft Ultralisk Side

Go check out more photos and details of this Lego Ultralisk on Retinence’s Flickr page:

Also check out his Charizard, previously featured on LegoGenre: