I Choose You Charizard!

Retinence's Pokemon Charizard

Pokémon Red and Blue had the best starting Pokémon of all the games. Each one was memorable and interesting. Squirtle, a water turtle, who would evolve and have a cannon on its back. Bulbasaur, a grass monster, who would end up with a giant poisonous flower growing out of it. And Charmander, a baby fire dragon. Although no poison flower  or cannon, Charizard was a dragon, which means he is the best. For many people, Charizard accompanied them all the way to the Elite Four. Who knows how and why Pikachu became the Pokémon mascot, Charizard eats Pikachus for breakfast.

Flickr user Retinence created Pokemon: Charizard MOC. Believe it or not Charizard is actually incomplete with a few minor details still being worked on. Go check it out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/retinence/8811179745/

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