Shaun At The Sheepyard

Shaun At The Sheepyard - Lego MOC

Shaun the Sheep is hanging out with his friends at this Lego Sheepyard. Shaun is the star of his own television show which first aired in 2007. Although you can find Shaun starring in the Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave short film all the way back in 1995. This Lego Sheepyard is creation of Piotr. Featuring six completely unique sheep. Each one is a different shape, and has various head details. The pink bow, and the hedge fence in the background are both great details. This is a very cute Lego MOC. The only thing missing from this flock is a sheep dog. Specifically Bitzer.

Shaun At The Sheepyard - Lego MOC Details

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A Close Shave With Shaun, Wallace & Gromit

A Close Shave With Shaun, Wallace & Gromit, Lego MOC

After a mishap in the kitchen with breakfast Wallace and Gromit are ready to wash windows and save the day. It’s been a busy day, meeting a very hungry sheep named Shaun. The robot dog Preston is up to no good and Wendolene will need to be saved. Good thing they have a fast motorcycle. This “A Close Shave” Lego MOC is built by grubaluk and hides a nice surprise. This Lego build is an actual working RC Motorcycle. I’m sure Gromit doesn’t mind, but he is sharing the sidecar with a the motor. The Lego RC motorcycle can go forward, and make turns. To help sell the illusion that Wallace is driving, a clever system of gears and strings attach his arms to the handlebars. The rest of the Lego work is great too. The studs being used to represent a rough wool sweater is a great detail. As are the Lego snakes, and wool hat used for details on Gromits face. They motorcycle looks good too! But is it fast enough for Lego Wallace and Gromit to save the day from the malfunctioning Preston?

A Close Shave With Shaun, Wallace & Gromit, Lego MOC Motorcycle

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