Padme Amidala The Queen Of Naboo

Padme Amidala The Queen Of Naboo

Queen Amidala is about to get wrapped up in the Star Wars. She has to figure out how to stop the Trade Blockade which will result in her becoming a galactic Senator. During that time she will get mixed up with a nine year old boy, who she will eventually marry. During which she will be battling droids and surviving the battle of Geonosis. A very busy future for her. The peaceful halls of her palace on Naboo is a perfect scene for a Lego MOC. This Lego scene is called “Queen Amidala” and is created by AC Pin. The Amidala Minifigure is one of the more rare ones in Lego Star Wars, having only appeared in one set. Which means a used Minifig currently goes for about $40! What better way to display a rare figure than to base a whole build around it. The palace features some neat little details. The pattern on the floor, with the 1×2 grills along the walls looks very nice. The columns are appropiatly ornate, with Lego Battle Droids used in the column crown detailing. The stained glass and chandelier stand out too. What really sells this scene is the lighting, with it shining through the windows and highlighting Amidala. It gives a somber feel to the whole thing.

You can find more details about this “Queen Amidala” Lego MOC over here:

The Blue Lion Castle – An Epic Lego MOC

PockyLU Lego Blue Lion Castle

If the Lego King’s Castle (70404) is just not big or detailed enough then this Blue Lion Castle might be what you are looking for. This classic looking castle is made up of tens of thousands of Lego pieces. The whole things sticks to a gray and blue color scheme that works extremely well. These Lion Knights and Soldiers are protecting one of the most epic Lego castles ever built. The detailing in the walls, the stained glass, the grand entrance, and the huge tower make this thing a work of art.

PockyLU Lego Blue Lion Castle Army

The Lego Blue Lion Castle was inspired by the famous Hohenzollern Castle. Which is located on the top of Berg (Mount) Hohenzollern in Germany. The iconic Hohenzollern Castle shares the blue and gray design, and overall floor plan with the Blue Lion Castle. The Lego version though seems to be much more ornate then the real life inspiration.

PockyLU Lego Blue Lion Castle Knight

You can find the Lego Blue Lion Castle over on the Pocky LU Flickr:

The Great Neuschwanstein Castle in Lego

T-Brick's Lego Neuschwanstein Castle Box

Neuschwanstein Castle might be the most famous castle on Earth. A Romanesque Revival castle located in Germany, near the village of Hohenschwangau. The castle construction completed relatively late, in the year 1892. Since then, this little castle has made appearances in the films: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Ludwig, and Ludwig II. But, most importantly it was the original insperation for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

T-Brick's Lego Neuschwanstein Castle

This Lego Neuschwanstein Castle is the creation of T-Bone, who put a whole lot of hard work into it. Not only has the color scheme been carefully thought out, but the details and design are accurate to the real life castle. Every window, door, tower, and room is accurate. Where there should be 5 windows, as on the real Neuschwanstein Castle, there are 5 windows in this Lego MOC. T-Bone even got the tree and pavement details correct.

Also note the extremely well made micro carriage with horses in the castles entrance.

T-Brick's Lego Neuschwanstein Castle Detail

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