The New Lego Batmobile Is Built By Chevy?

Lego Batman Batmobile Chevy

In one of the weirder marketing moments of this new year, it has been revealed that the new Lego Batmobile is “built by Chevy.” There is even an official website. It looks like Lego Batman paid $48,000,000 for  his new wheels. It has 120,000 lbs. max towing capacity, 20,000 horsepower, and comes equipped with 4G-LTE connectivity. Also listed as features are flame rocket boosters, fully-articulated wheels, and a standard 60.2L V100 engine. The Batmobile can operate in three modes. Race Mode, Monster Truck Mode, and Parallel Park Mode. The only downside… it seats 2 Minifigures.

Lego Batmobile Chevy Web

“Every angle, sharp as a tack. Every element, handcrafted for hot pursuit. When dreaming up the LEGO® Batmobile, designers drew inspiration from a combination of classic renditions and other-worldly shapes. The result? An enemy-evading machine that will draw stares and fend off foes in equal measure.”

Check out the commercial above, then go check out the official Batmobile website over at Chevy:

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