A Lego Poison Pinto

Nathan Proudlove's Lego Poison Pinto

Originally, the Poison Pinto is a famous Hot Wheels based off of the 1979 Ford Pinto Van. It may also be known as The Thing. Lego builder Nathan Proudlove was recently challenged to rebuild this iconic car with Lego pieces.  Mission accomplished. The Lego Poison Pinto features a spot-on lime green paint job, an exposed engine, custom decals, and redline tires. The end result is a very mean looking Pinto.

Nathan Proudlove's Lego Poison Pinto Grill

Check out the Lego Poison Pinto over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/proudlove/15449222898/

This Ogre is the Cutest and Greenest General in Existence

Max Pointner's Lego Ogre The General

Combining and assembling Lego minifigures can result in some great figures. Here is Max Pointner’s The General. The cutest and greenest general in existence. The series 9 minifigure, the Ogre, has ended up being one of the most versatile minifig heads out there. Lets hope that Lego will make a full Ogre theme in the future. It would be awesome.

Check out Max Pointner’s The General on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maxpointner/9404785498/

Lego Friends MOC: Mia’s “Beauty”

Shuppiluliumas's Lego Friends MOC: Mia's Beauty

“Taking her concerns for animal health and welfare to the skies, Mia teams up with veteran gunner Oscar and takes to the skies in ‘Beauty’ a retro-inspired, environmentally conscious low-emission long range scout.”

A Lego Friends MOC with humor and great design is Mia’s “Beauty.” This is a great 1930’s style airplane. With a very fun use of a Lego Friends sticker to create the pin-up girl art, that was so common during this era. “Beauty” is outfitted with a twin propeller (twin-prop) engine and a really cool glass canopy. Mia is ready to fly the skies in her lime green long range scout. Mia’s copilot is her hedgehog “Oscar.” A dangerously cute gunner.

Mia’s “Beauty” is a great example of combining the Lego Friends theme with the other Lego themes. This, along with the Lovely Hotel is one of the most memorable Lego MOCs in the recent years.

Shuppiluliumas's Lego Friends MOC: Mia's Beauty 2

The Lego Friends MOC: Mia’s “Beauty” has been designed by Shuppiluliumas, and can be viewed over on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/34338074@N06/6671163259/

Shuppiluliumas has been previously featured on LegoGenre with another Lego Friends MOC: Olivia’s “Flash” and Cyberpocalypsehttp://everydaybricks.com/cyberpocalypse-a-lego-cyberpunk-city/