The Lego Horizon Destroyer Is Hiding A Secret

The Lego Horizon Destroyer Is Hiding A Secret, Custom PC

The “Destroyer Horizon” is a Lego Starfighter created by ZCerberus. It is a massive build that uses a lot of orange pieces. A relatively rare color in the world of Lego. In addition to the general color choices, the brown stripes look great. Designed with SNOT techniques you would be hard pressed to find any exposed studs. While this Starfighter is patrolling outer space the crew can keep themselves entertained. This creation is hiding a huge secret. Packed into every open space in the interior is a full gaming PC. The ship can transform and reveal a built-in 1080p LCD screen. Powering the ship is a SFX Power Supply, Ryzen 2400G Processor, an B450 ITX Motherboard, and multiple fans. There is even a completely hidden power button along the bottom. The end result is an impressive rig, especially since it has to fit into a Lego MOC. A perfect creation to play Homeworld, Star Citizen, and the new Lego Star Wars game.

The Lego Horizon Destroyer Is Hiding A Secret, Custom Gaming PC Details

You can see photos and read more about the “Destroyer Horizon, Gaming PC” over here:

You can also see more of this space ship at the Brickworld Virtual Con in June!

The Aquilax Fleet – A Lego Micro Space Project

Tim Goddard's Lego Space Aquilax Fleet

Purple is an extremely unfamiliar color for most Lego builders. In the past Lego has associated purple with Lego Friends or other girl-targeted themes. But, purple is on the rise.  A lot of the Super Heroes sets feature a good amount of purple, and the color is popping up in small amounts everywhere. The popularity of Lego Friends also means that it easy to acquire a lot of purple bricks quickly. Tim Goddard decided to create a whole Lego Space fleet in micro scale using purple. This collection of spaceships is known as the Aquilax Fleet.  Featuring a Destroyer, Frigate, Flagship and a few smaller starfighters. The gold accents and white base color contrast with the purple perfectly. Creating very clean, but almost alien looking starships. By restricting the part selection, and focusing on a micro-build, the designer has forced themselves to get creating with the Lego pieces.

Tim Goddard's Lego Space Aquilax Flagship

Tim Goddard has also put out a call for other Lego builders to contribute to a Micro-/Nano-Space Fly-In. Where you can “contribute to the rag-tag fleet of space-based Refugees, Imperiums, Federations, Independents, Raiders, Pirates, Aliens, Ancients & More.” Check out for more details. Contributors will be able to display their collection at the AFOLCON/BRICK 2014.

Tim Goddard's Lego Space Aquilax Frigate Tim Goddard's Lego Space Aquilax Destroyer

Check out the Aquilax Fleet, designed by Tim Goddard, over on Flickr:

The Awesome Lego Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II, by Jerac

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Space

The Star Destroyer is one of the most iconic and cool spaceships ever designed. Almost every kid from the last 30 years has wanted their own. Most of them are disappointing in some way, either being way too small, or not detailed enough. So, Jerac decided to built his own Lego Star Destroyer. And, this one is not a disappointment. This Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II is one of the most impressive and large Lego Star Wars spaceships ever built. The clean lines and perfect design come together in a model that could be a stand-in for the films.

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Rear

This Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II is nicknamed the Chimaera. It weights about 110 pounds and contains over 42,000 Lego bricks. It is 252 studs long which is about 6.6 feet, or 202 cm. This ship is massive and Jerac estimates that it cost over $5,000 in parts. The whole project took over 6 months to design and build.

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Chimaera EnginesJerac's Lego Star Wars Chimaera Bridge

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Display

You can go see the Chimaera for yourself in Swarzewo, where it is on display. There are plans in the future to add lighting to the ship, which would make it even more impressive.

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Info

Check out more photos of this Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II over on Flickr: