A Lego Rocinante From The Expanse

A Rocinante Lego Build From The Expanse

In the science fiction series The Expanse, a group of main characters find themselves in possession of the Rocinante. Previously known as the Donnager, a small warship built by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy (MCRN). The Expanse has a bunch of unique spaceship designs, almost all of which are clunky purpose built machines. This Lego version of the Rocinante is created by Kevin J. Walter. It features the grey color scheme used to hide the ships origins. A lot of the little details have been preserved converting it down to this small scale. Including communications gear (Lego walkie-talkies), the various cannons and PDCs (the little Minifigure roller skates add a lot of detail), and the giant engine (the Minifigure hands are a great detail). This Lego build has a lot of creative part use, check out some of those complicated shapes in the hull. A little hard to see as the flat grey appearance hides a lot of the details, as intended.

A Rocinante Lego Build From The Expanse, Ship Details

You can find more about this Lego Rocinante over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/skywalter/50033183903/

The Awesome Lego Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II, by Jerac

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Space

The Star Destroyer is one of the most iconic and cool spaceships ever designed. Almost every kid from the last 30 years has wanted their own. Most of them are disappointing in some way, either being way too small, or not detailed enough. So, Jerac decided to built his own Lego Star Destroyer. And, this one is not a disappointment. This Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II is one of the most impressive and large Lego Star Wars spaceships ever built. The clean lines and perfect design come together in a model that could be a stand-in for the films.

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Rear

This Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II is nicknamed the Chimaera. It weights about 110 pounds and contains over 42,000 Lego bricks. It is 252 studs long which is about 6.6 feet, or 202 cm. This ship is massive and Jerac estimates that it cost over $5,000 in parts. The whole project took over 6 months to design and build.

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Chimaera EnginesJerac's Lego Star Wars Chimaera Bridge

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Display

You can go see the Chimaera for yourself in Swarzewo, where it is on display. There are plans in the future to add lighting to the ship, which would make it even more impressive.

Jerac's Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer Info

Check out more photos of this Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Mark II over on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jerac/