The Lego Arkham Asylum MOC – Expanded For New Inmates

durazno_33 Lego Batman Arkham Asylum MOC 01

Lego Batman has a new movie coming out and that means that all of Gotham City is getting ready for new adventures. Here is an expanded Arkham Asylum based on the official Lego set; Arkham Asylum Breakout (10937). Created by durazno_33 in celebration of The Lego Batman Movie. This MOC will be added to a larger display in Feburary; a part of a project by the AFOL club, Cactus Brick. The whole build is based on the modular style. Each piece of the building can be removed easily, which makes it perfect for transport. The Asylum sits on six total base plates. Which is much larger then the Breakout set. Speaking of breaking out, it looks like Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze are in the middle of an escape. But, Batman and Robin will shut that down. All of which might just be a distraction from the real break out. Joker and Harley Quinn.

durazno_33 Lego Batman Arkham Asylum MOC 02 durazno_33 Lego Batman Arkham Asylum MOC 03

Check out this Expanded Arkham Asylum MOC over here:

Also sit back and watch this short video showing how everything was put together.

I… See… You! — Batman: Arkham Asylum

Cpt Brick's I See You Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is a very good video game. Lego has recognized this too and has used the game for inspiration for their own Batman sets (Lego Arkham Asylum Breakout (10937)). So it comes as no surprise that the AFOL community is also inspired by the Batman Arkham series. Some of the most memorable parts from the video game is when Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow) drugs Batman. The resulting hallucinations are a truly inspired part of the game. Having Batman traverse a nightmarish landscape while a giant Scarecrow is hunting him down.

This Lego MOC is a perfect example of forced perspective, depth of field, and great composition. The whole scene comes together with a sense of terror. At any moment Batman could be found.

Check out Cpt. Brick’s “I… See… You!” over at Flickr: