Hold on to your butts. There is a Lego Jurassic Park project.

senteosan's Lego Jurassic Park
There is a Jurassic Park themed project over on Lego Ideas. The good news is that there is a good chance that this will happen. Lego had a ban on Jurassic Park themed submissions due to licensing conflicts. The key word is “had.” As of October 2014, Lego has officially lifted that ban. They would not go out of their way to let us know this information for no reason. The project with the best prospects is titled “Jurassic Park” and is the creation of senteosan. This is an incredibly sleek project that hits all the most famous icons from the film. The massive gates, the jeep, a T. rex, and 3 of the main characters. The only thing missing is a Lego John Hammond, which if included would be an instant buy.

senteosan's Lego Jurassic Park Overhead

“The Jurassic Park Gate is a famous trademark of the Jurassic Park Series. It first appeared in the first movie 1993 when the tour cars entered the Park and it is definitely one of the most iconic scenes in motion picture history. Now recreated in Lego form too – ohh, with some extra spice…

I got this idea right before 3D version of first film hit theaters on April 2013. I used a tremendous amount of time drafting models again and again, making sure that all propositions are right and each component looking as realistic as possible. I have always thought this as a display piece, like UCS -style eye catcher but there certainly is a lot play value here too.

So if you’re a Jurassic Park fan please add your support to this project. Thanks!” — senteosan


Make sure to go vote for this Lego Jurassic Park project over on Lego Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/83161

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